Follow Friday! You Complete Me, 5 Instagram Accounts For Your Home, Heart, Art, Style & Shoes

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Here are five Instagram accounts hand-picked for your Follow Friday:

oldhouselove (2)



I have always loved walking, biking or even driving around admiring the residential architecture of the cities that I’ve lived in or visited – the gothic greystones of Chicago, the mid-century Florida ranch homes of Orlando, the ornate Victorian homes of San Francisco. The kids and I have made it part of our bike ride routine to point out our favorite homes. “I love the blue door on that house.” “The modern house, the modern house,” they shout as we bike by the mid-century looking house down the street from us, every. single. time. So it makes sense that I am going to love an account that lets me do the same thing from my phone; for those times when I’m trapped inside or just outright lazy. Give me wraparound porches, give me ivy covered brick, give me turrets! Check out oldhouselove and join me in planning our imaginary future homes.




As evidenced by the 51.7k followers on Nayyirah Waheed’s instagram, I am by no means the first to discover her work. In fact, I may even be a little late to the party, but that won’t stop me from making sure YOU know about her. If you already do, fantastic. Nayyirah is a poet, author and voice of inspiration who began receiving public attention predominantly through her tumblr a few years ago. She only began posting through Instagram a little over 8 months ago. Nayyirah has stated that she writes, first and foremost, for people of color (POC), though I do not feel her message or voice will be lost on those who are not. Nayyirah has written two books of poetry, Salt and Neima, which she regularly posts passages from on her Instagram. She delivers powerful and inspiring messages in a handful of sentences, each one leaving you saying, “yes!” with her. Her work is beautiful and I urge you to see what I’m talking about for yourself.





Every year I tell myself, “this year I’m going to make it a point to buy myself a piece of art.” I hardly ever keep that promise to myself, so I’m pretty fucking stoked about modern technology that makes it as simple as opening up an app on my phone to see the work  of talented artists.

Amy Jo Wisehart (wisehartfineart) is a photographer and artist living in the Pacific Northwest (this already wins her points with me). While her photos of the naturally breathtaking PNW scenery, body positive nude selfies and her original artwork are worth a follow alone, her custom mini cosmic portraits and their totally affordable prices are the real bonus here. Supporting artists and giving art a place in your life is attainable and, in this particular case, totally amazing. Please check out her Instagram and then get Amy to paint you as the #cosmicbabe you are. (Or your pet, your kid, you and your partner) Amy does full sized commissioned work as well, for those with a little more flexible budget.




I’m not going to lie, handmade swimsuits and underwear are decadent. DEC-A-DENT. And a luxury I am not usually comfortable with; I am a frugal person. I came across WhiskeyDogWares’ instagram, filled with beautiful sustainable cotton high waisted swimsuits, custom made underwear and hooded dresses worn in the natural settings of the woods and springs and mountains, over a year ago. At first I followed and “hearted” (as my kids call it – “heart that! heart that!”) her photos as a sort of virtual pep-talk. “Good for you with your ethical and handmade goods you’ve got there, I support you” – each of my “likes” would say. But then I started highly coveting some high waisted swim trunks/shorts with kitties on the ass. By the time my 40th birthday approached, I had found my perfect justification for this extravagance and I can confirm that they are every bit worth it. Perhaps you can find yourself in a similar loophole for purchasing from WhiskeyDogWares, or perhaps you’re just not as cheap as I am. If not, you’re still going to want to follow this small handmade business and support them while drooling over all her goods. 

bait-footwear-instagram bait-footwear-dog-instagram


A good friend told me many years ago, don’t scrimp on your shoes, your feet are one of the most important parts of your body – they support and carry you. I remember this each time I feel too indulgent about my shoe shopping and you can borrow this fiscal loophole (I seem to have a lot of those) as well if you’d like. If you love vintage style anything, you will love the shoes over at B.A.I.T. Footwear. Personally, I am currently coveting the Mary Poppins looking lace-up boots and the gold glitter shoes. If the gold sparkly shoes aren’t enough to reel you in, perhaps the adorable #adoptafurbaby photos every Friday will? How rad is it that they have devoted every Friday to showcase a kitty or pup that is up for adoption at one of their local (San Diego) animal rescue groups? (so rad) Shoes and animal adoption – you really can’t go wrong here.


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