No supreme court confirmation during the 2020 election!

Punky Moms Are Ruthless 2020

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Friday was a devastating day for so many of us.   I, personally, sat in my car weeping when I heard the news of Justice Ginsburg’s passing.  I was overwhelmed with emotion, fear, and impending [...]


Forty weeks pregnant

Forty Weeks Pregnant. The BIG 4-0.

The BIG 4-0. No, I am not talking about my age. Today is my sell-by date. You know, that date you will remember just as readily as you will remember your child’s actual birth date. […]

Co-Parenting With A Toxic Ex - Here Are 7 Tips to Help You Parallel Parent
Voices Of Parenting

7 Steps To Co-parenting With A Toxic Ex

If you’ve stumbled upon this article after Googling some version of, “How can I co-parent with my toxic ex?” and that ex truly happens to be psychopathic, narcissistic, highly contentious or all of the above, […]

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