Teaching My 3-Year-Old About God as an Ex-Fundamentalist. My parents demanded I view every person I met as being infinitely precious in God’s sight. How do you talk about God to your children?

Talking To Your Child About God When You Doubt Your Faith

by Nikki in Featured Articles 2

The Question: Teaching My 3-Year-Old About God as an Ex-Fundamentalist “But Mama, what IS God?” …..shit. I’m really not prepared for this conversation. I’m sure that’s the thought running through many parents’ heads when their [...]


Confessions Of A Teen Mom - When Life Doesn't go As Expected. Voices of Parenting

Confessions Of A Real Life Teen Mom

I don’t have an exciting birth story. I didn’t give birth in a car racing to the hospital, with a husband at my side. Or really, a clue about anything. I made it to a […]

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