Congratulations you have found your new Punky Family!

We are so excited to meet you. Whether you are a new parent or have been doing this gig for awhile, raising kids is probably one of the most awesome, stressful, inspiring, fulfilling, tears in your coffee, rides of your life and we can’t wait to get to know you. We promise you are not alone. 

We are a very diverse bunch. We started out being Punky Moms and now our brand is evolving to be much more inclusive and welcome all forms of parents. We always did welcome them from our first days on a forum over 15 years ago, but now we are working on sharing the Punky Moms Community (stress on our inclusive Community!) ethos so much more with everyone.

We are a worldwide community for alternative feminist parents. This includes Punky Moms, Punky Dads, Punky Parents of all kinds, Punky Aunts & Uncles, Punky Grandparents, and over 75 Chapters.

We are inclusive and heavily active in social justice issues. Our ethos is that “It wasn’t just a phase” and we keep on becoming more unapologetic about who we are as we get older. We are here to support and empower parents.

You can absolutely sit at our table.


We aren’t one feminist voice, but together we make a lot of noise. So sign up today, post an intro, and come meet your new BFFs.

Wondering where to begin at the Punky Family?