Punky Moms Are Ruthless 2020

No supreme court confirmation during the 2020 election!

Friday was a devastating day for so many of us.   I, personally, sat in my car weeping when I heard the news of Justice Ginsburg’s passing.  I was overwhelmed with emotion, fear, and impending doom.  She seemed to be the last shred of hope for anyone representing us on the Supreme Court.  The person who championed equality for women until the very end.   The idea that she could be replaced with someone who would inevitably work to roll back all the progress she was part of forging for us – when we still have so far to go- was just too much to bear.

But I received a late-night message from a Punky on the East Coast.  She was ready to act, no more moping, it was time to do something.  She had an idea but needed some Punky Moms support in executing.  So, I wiped away those tears and got to work.   And that’s how Punky Moms Are Ruthless 2020 was born.

It’s time to demand that no Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed during the 2020 election.  Early voting has already started, so the election is in progress as I write this. It is unprecedented that we would confirm a Supreme Court nominee during an election or by a lame-duck president after the election.   The Republicans set this standard in 2016 when they refused to confirm nominees- then stating that the voice of the people should count.  Now we are asking the same-our voices must count!

How you can help:

We have created 1000 postcards and will send them in packs of 5 or 10 to any punky who will agree to mail them to Republican Senators.   All you need to do is fill out the postcard, sign it, add postage and drop in the mail.   We aren’t charging for these postcard packs, but if you would like to donate towards the cost of printing and postage, we will accept donations on Ko-fi.

Sign up to receive a pack of postcards! (ETA week of 9/28)

Don’t want to wait for postcards? Click here  to download a letter you can fill out and send to your Senator by email or snail mail!  

Have other ideas on how to help?  Contact Us!

We’ve seen what punkies can do when we put our hive mind to it- we move mountains, we protect our families, we save the world! And we will do it again! Let’s make our voices heard by the people elected to represent us!  

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Carrie is a California mom to two teenage assholes and a nearly-grown person. She spends her days kicking ass and taking names in IT to support her bad coffee habit. In addition to running the day-to-days at Punky Moms, she spends her “spare time” drinking wine, helping with homework, competing with Dr. Doolittle for most pets, snacking on the souls of her enemies, and binge-watching cooking shows.

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