We are fearless, flawed, passionate, wise, strong, tired, tender & kind. We are Punky Moms & we’re happy you’re here.

Punky Moms was brought to life in April 2002 as a meeting place for alternative parents to find like-minded friends and neighbors. Today so many years later, we are still achieving that goal.

We’re #punkymoms – First and foremost, we’re a supportive community for moms, like-moms, bonus moms, dads, aunts, uncles, caretakers, guardians & anyone contributing to the raising of future generations (sorry if our name is a bit misleading). Our community started in online forums & today it continues there, in Facebook groups & in Punky Mom Chapters throughout the WORLD.

Our groups are about being anti-establishment, fighting for equality and against the mainstream.

The kids that sported the mohawks and tattoos or wore black lipstick and Victorian dresses are all grown up now and have children of their own. Our children are the ones sporting the black onesies and we are the feminist parents who have chosen to raise our families outside of the box.

The brainchild of Jessica Seymour, Punky Moms came about while she was a new mom and looking for other moms she could relate to.  After becoming jaded by the limited amount of meetups happening local to her in Dallas, TX she saw a niche for alternative parents and ran with it!

She created many events local to her and it expanded nationwide with the addition of The Punky Moms Forum in 2004. Shortly after, Jessica handed over her reins to Jenn, Winter & Sarah and the girls grew the community for several years. A lot of Punky babies were born in that time, marriages began and ended, life-changing events and moves and time passed as it always does.

Fast forward to today and Punky Moms is run primarily out of the UK by one of the owners Paula (who moved for love back in 2011). Between her and a tight group of volunteers, they help run the website, online shop, social media accounts and all of our Facebook group communities WORLDWIDE.  Punky Moms would be nothing without the voice of everyone here who give their valuable time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If this is your first time around these parts, you should check out the Newbies Guide to Punky Moms.

about the punkymoms

As a member of our forum, Facebook groups or Chapters, one can vent frustrations and swap anecdotes. Punky Moms always provides a safe place where alternative parents can be themselves – and not try to fit in some mold someone decided was the right way to parent.

We are also a small business. Shirts, pins & patches that match our ethos – kindness, inclusiveness, activism, equality, community – and spread the word are kinda our thing. Most of our merchandise is born from collaborations with our members & in our shop on our site ✊🖤 MAIN SHOP or PMUK

Lastly, but definitely not least, we are a website. We publish birth stories, bi-monthly mixtapes, reviews and articles that resonate with parents on punkymoms.com⚡We love when our members reach out to share their own birth stories & articles for the site. 

So just what is a “Punky Mom”?

We are a very diverse bunch. There is no way to say exactly what is a Punky Mom because if there is anything we are not, it’s the same thing! Old School Punks, Goth Ladies Of Darkness, Retro Bettys, Hippy Mamas, Geeks & Freaks, Strange & Unusual. We are all here. It Wasn’t Just A Phase

No two Punky Moms are alike. While some Punky Moms have piercings and tattoos, others don’t. Some may choose to cloth diaper, make their own baby food and practice attachment parenting, others might not. Breastfeeding or formula fed, we won’t judge you. We like you just the way you are. 

We aren’t one voice, together we make a lot of noise. So sign up today, post an intro, and come meet your new BFFs.

About The Main Punky Moms Owners:

Jennifer "azxure oz" Johnpoll

Jenn has been described as “the archetype of the next generation matriarch” – whatever that means. She resides in not-so-sunny south Florida. With her children working on being nearly grown, she dreams about living in a tiny house and visiting every North American Punky Mom, past, present, & future. Jenn runs the technical aspect of Punky Moms. Whenever there is a tech problem, she fixes it. She is the great and powerful Oz.


Paula Punky MomsPaula is an old school goth with a riot grrrl heart. A diy attitude and a make stuff happener.  Born and raised in Florida, she followed love and moved to the UK in 2012. She has one little boy named Oscar, a dashing English husband, and a furball terrier at home. When she found Punky Moms over a decade ago, she was helping to raise two step-children. She knows the importance of blended families and how it really does take a village. She loves her life in the UK but is trying desperately not to miss the Florida sun. 


We also have several members who contribute to our site and forum and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Want to write for us? We would love to have you on our team!

Our site is updated often with important and informative articles not just on parenting, but all four trimesters of pregnancy, feminism and DIY projects. We have Punky Approved Recipes in our Kitchen of Chaos as well as our very own Spotify profile featuring our curated Punky Mom Music Mixtape playlists.  

“We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising children…it’s simple, back to the basics parenting…without judgement. Everyone is welcome.” – Winter Rosebudd

Take a look at some of our cool, fantastic, and kicking motherhood in the ass members in the video below with our collaboration with Superdrug in the summer of 2018. 


Many fellow members, friends and bloggers have featured Punky Moms or Punky Moms UK on their site.  

Would you like to feature us? Please send us a message and we can include our current media kit and hi-res photos

Please let us know when you have included us and we will be sure to add your link. 

Huffington Post, NPRTattooed Tea Lady, Warrior Women Magazine, Lucky Sew & Sew , Modified Motherhood, LB BrandMonday Company (we are huge in Sweden), Rock And Roses Mama, Dilan And Me, Foray Into Fashion, Haus Of Mono, Kids Kick And Cloth 

Seattle Pi, Houston PressNelly’s Cupcakes, Baby Foote, and The Social Renegade

Paula was nominated for The Story Exchange’s 2018 Resist List read the full feature on Punky Moms here

Our Hull Chapter was recently featured in the Hull Daily Mail

We have been featured in the book Rebel Moms: The Off-Road Map for the Off-Road Mom

Community is what Punky Moms has always been about. So with that said, get involved and join.

We are fearless, flawed, passionate, wise, strong, tired, tender & kind. We are Punky Moms & we're happy you're here. Punky Moms was brought to life in April 2002 as a meeting place for alternative parents to find like-minded friends and neighbors. Today so many years later, we are still achieving that goal.

We are everywhere!

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