Free printable download. Self Love hearts activity for Valentine's Day and beyond. Cultivate self love in children
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Free Self Love Activity Hearts Download

Originally created this Self Love Hearts Activity for my son’s Valentine’s party at school. Didn’t really understand why a 5-year-old was having to be apart of such a commercial holiday so I made this up […]

50 Self Care Ideas For Autumn
Self Care

50 Self Care Ideas For Autumn

Autumn is one of my fav times of year. The leaves start to change color and the air a little bit crisper. Self-care is something we should be practising year-round but in fall and with […]

A Political Punk Rock Playlist
Punky Mom Spotify Mixtapes

A Political Playlist Part 2 – Know Your Rights

When I asked the Punky Moms Family Facebook group for their recommendations, you can imagine that there was a vast variety of music suggestions. I promised you these political playlists would be a two-parter.  Our first […]