Nepal Quake Auction On Instagram

Baby born a few days after the earthquake

If you are on Instagram, I suggest you go check out user @fantasy_dragon who is doing great things to help raise money and send some aid to those affected in the horrific earthquake in Nepal. Carrie Anne as she goes by in real life (although being called fantasy dragon is pretty bad ass), is from one of my favorite new websites Crafted Sisterhood. Hopefully we will be collaborating with them on some stuff in the near future so be sure to watch our site for that. 


I digress. Carrie Anne is hosting a Nepal Quake auction on Instagram and has got a whole shit load of talented people to donate their items to raise money for charity. The group being highlighted is Circle of Health International who are doing groundbreaking work. They provide quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn care in times of crisis and disaster, just like with this earthquake.

It started on Monday and is running all week till Friday. So far the past two days have been a great success and there are still 3 days to go!

Check out some of the amazing stuff being put up for auction already!


Clockwise Vanessa Byrne doll, Handmade Crown by Claire Hannah Pérez,  a Cecil doll by Naked Lunge , and a Custom piece by Perfectly Imperfect Illustration.

Other participants still to come this week include uber-cool design house Nor_folk, jeweler Velvet Parsnips , and about several dozen more.

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