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The Full List Of Our Rad Parenting Groups

We have created several facebook groups for you to dive deeper into the Punky Moms community. Plan meetups with other moms or seek advice from our members. Get some new recipes or be apart of the book club. Lot's to get involved in here at Punky Moms.

At first we started creating region specific Facebook groups for our members and to be honest it sucked. Trying to moderate like 10 groups with no real way to organically get members in each group was ridiculous and the groups were ghost towns…so in 2015 we called it and decided to shut them down and create ONE BIG FACEBOOK GROUP.

and boom! It exploded, everyone started inviting their friends and those friends invited others…and now the big group is starting subgroups that are region specific…funny how that works eh? EDIT as of 2018, we have introduced Official Location Chapters.

We will always have the forum. The truly safest spot on the internet. Our Secret Society is only accessible by having 250 posts so you can know that the people you are chatting with and sharing your deepest darkest parenting secrets have been around the block a few times. In fact we are celebrating 10 years this month being at our current forum location! Lots of memories have been made there.

Leave your judgements at the door! These are the best facebook groups for parenting you will find. Most of our groups focus on intersectional feminism, equality and social justice however some of these groups differ culturally so please be mindful and sit and listen for a bit when you join us. We are welcoming and loving and you may have to jump in to be heard but our arms are always open. We are always interested in learning how we can build up our community, but please familiarize yourself with the rules of that group first.

We have created several facebook groups for you to dive deeper into the Punky Moms community. Plan meetups with other moms or seek advice from our members. Get some new recipes or be apart of the book club. Lot's to get involved in here at Punky Moms.


Family Facebook group – Open to everyone!

A place for progressive and non-judgmental parents to get advice, amusement, and support from a multitude of different backgrounds and tastes. The Family is open worldwide and is our come as you are, we will take you worldwide group of punky parents.


We are open to all women/non-binary/trans people who identify as a “mom” or as “not male”. Most of us here are die hard liberal intersectional feminists who swear a lot. If you are easily offended by sex talk, cursing, or women’s rights, this may not be the group for you.

Punky Dads

As the name suggests, a place for fathers (new, old or otherwise) to learn to be better: people, dads, partners and humans


Our chapters will be organizing local events and meetups throughout the year as well as getting involved in the local community to help those in need.  To see our complete list of worldwide Chapters – visit here


Punky Book Club

This isn’t your gran’s book club, from non-fiction to science-fiction we run the gamut of literary love.

Punky Blog Squad

Punky Bloggers of the world unite! Whether you blog about parenting, feminism or life in general, come and join our Squad. #squadgoals

Craft Punk

Our feminism is inclusive and so is our craft! If you make it, share it with the craft punks!

Witchy Moms

Magickal practitioners of all paths are welcome.

US Political Resistbot

Share ideas on using the Resistbot to fax your senators and reps.

Down With Apathy

Feminism and inclusivity learning group. Where seasoned social justice warrior parents tackle the world AND where people can come to learn and unpack their sh*t (not an easy thing!!!) and join the fight to right the wrongs.


A safe space for all the LGBTQ+ and respectful ally PMs to support each other in our queerness and share LGBTQ news and updates.

Self Love and Care

We all need self care. Swap tips, share and seek support.

Tit Wizards

support and information for anyone using their boobs to sustain life.

From Punky moms’ cats and dogs to rats and lizards, all critter discussion is welcome here.
The place punkies go for advice, motivation and inspiration for decorating, gardening, renovation, money matters and home repairs’… oh and nosing around everyone’s homes! This group has been combined with Kitchen of Chaos. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to share your recipes, meal plans and other kitchen chaos with us, just a fellow Punky Mom parent.
Where all your platforms are belong to us and we really do want to hear all about how rad your guild is. Share your excitement about the latest or oldest, from that mobile game that everyone is talking about to GURPS.
Punky Moms has always raged against the machine, and next we’re coming for the wedding industry. This is a space free of body shaming, cultural appropriation, ableism, and heteronormativity; your day your way. We wanna celebrate all the people getting hitched whilst giving unnecessary standards the middle finger.
Secret Mail/Post Groups
Come join us in the weirdest, coolest, and best swaps. Give awesome stuff and get it in return. These groups hold our address books so you must be a member of one of the top 3 groups for at least 3 months. Speak to a modmin to ask how to join.
Punky Dungeon (secret)
A sex and body positive group exclusively for fem-identified, non-binary, and genderfluid members of The Punky Mom Family/UK. Naughty redefined. You must have been a member for at least 3 months. Speak to a modmin to ask how to join.

This group is for members of the Punky Mom Family to buy, sell, trade, barter, and/or swap their cool shit. A cabinet of curiosities. The best damn temple of commerce you’ve never been to

A group for members of the PMUK group to sell, trade, or barter their cool shit. The best damn boot sale you’ve never been to.
Punky is a state of mind and the Punky Mom movement isn’t about style/piercings/tattoos. Fashion is part of where punk began as a battle against societal norms, but the values run deeper. Punk is about anti-establishment, fighting for equality and against the mainstream. There are a lot of subculture branches of punk you may identify with and anyone who subscribes to one that contains equality at its core is welcome here. It’s not a hairstyle, it’s a way of life and being Punky on the inside is the most important thing.

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