The Coolest Vintage For Sale Is At Creative Alteration

We have made a promise to ourselves to start featuring only mom led shops in our Punky Mom featured shop posts. Having a mom small business on our site helps us achieve our goals of Supporting the Mama Gang. What better way to support moms then by buying their cool stuff! I turned the tables this month on Diana, who usually writes up our small business features, so we could learn more about her and her Vintage Shop Creative Alteration

Diana is one of the craftiest people I know and she is also one of our biggest contributors and helpers on the site. We call her the Punky Mom Den Mother. She just rocks and has been my personal rock to lean on, on quite a few occasions.

She always has the best vintage dresses and mid century decor in her home. She even has a vintage rockabilly pinup girl tattoo. 

Diana - Vintage Seller - Creative Alteration on Etsy

PM: When was your company founded and where are you based?

I started my etsy shop in 2006. I have lived in Orlando, FL since 2000.

PM: How many are involved in your company?

Just me, well, sometimes my husband contributes his vintage finds too.

PM: What inspired you to start your company?

Originally, I started it as a creative outlet and to earn some extra cash. As time has passed, the shop has morphed into more of my vintage finds and collections, but there are still some handmade items listed as well.

PM: Did you have a background in business prior to starting your company?

I have sold on ebay since my son was born and have tried my hand at craft markets and such. My day time job is as an office manager, so I’ve learned a lot from that on how to manage time and productivity.

Diana from Creative Alteration is Punky Mom's official den mother. Her shop, Creative Alteration, is filled with so much vintage for sale.

PM: Did you run into any problems or resistance while launching?

Publicity and time are my two biggest enemies. It’s hard to get your store seen and it takes a lot of time to use social media to promote.

PM: How do you get the most out of your day?

Take it one minute at a time.

PM: How is your family apart of your business choices?

The extra money I earn from my etsy store is used to help pay for travel, savings and other family activities, so they definitely benefit from it. My husband and I like to treasure hunt together as well. There’s always something nice about sharing your vintage finds with someone you love.

PM: What music inspires you?

Anything with an amazing beat.

PM: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

I like to spend time with my family. We shop, got to lunch, paddle board, stuff like that. And I like girls nights out, everyone needs a girls night out every now and again.

PM: What do you see in the future for your shop?

In my wildest dreams I would like to open a brick and mortar shop.  A coffee and wine bar with vintage and handmade collectibles for sale.  And it would be back in California. Hey, dream big, right?

Beautiful vintage clothing including this dress on Etsy seller Creative Alteration


Creative Alteration on Etsy

You can also find her vintage shop on Facebook and Instagram

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  1. Online outlets like Etsy and Ebay, are so great for Mum’s or for somebody like me who can’t work due to illness. You can make a fair amount of cash! I’ve never tried Etsy for selling myself but I always find a lot of treasures and gems on there!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  2. I just love moms who find ways to earn extra income for the family. I am starting with a small business too and I’m still figuring out how to grow it. Thanks to sites like this who empowers moms!

  3. Awesome little business you have going! I am sure your big dream of owning a brick and mortar shop will one day work out as it seems you have talent overflowing! Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to hearing more of your small business plans!

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