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Welcome to Punky Moms Toronto

Come and find out about and plan local meets, share local info & get to know your local PMs in the Ontario area! Whilst most planning may be happening inside the local Facebook group or Instagram account, please send us a message with ONTARIO in the subject line if you are interested in being in touch with the Chapter president.

All information is confidential and is not shared with anyone. The information is only used to try to find you the closest Punky Moms group in your area.

This Punky Moms Chapter covers Toronto and the GTA, Northern Ontario all the way to North Bay, Ottawa, Pembroke, Hamilton, Windsor, so if these are your hometowns this is the group for you.

Places To Visit in Ontario

A great punky-run bar and arcade café where you can see cool shows or just meet fiends to play any games you can imagine is See-Scape. And then there is the classic show venues that host bigger events like The Hard Luck Bar, Sneaky Dees, The Opera House, for Toronto. Outside the big city there is the classic This Ain’t Hollwood venue which hosts all-ages matinee shows for the whole punky family in Hamilton. There is also at least one big Anarchist Book fair and a big punk picinic a year but the location for these events varies from year to year.

Cool places to hang out with kids are many, of the top of my head I can think of the Toronto Zoo, Toronto Island, High Park, Ripley’s Aquarium, and many beautiful provincial and national parks all through the province. “

Come and find out about family-friendly Punky events in Toronto and plan local meets with parents. Get to know your local Punky Moms! To find out more about Punky Moms, please read the Newbies Guide to all things Punky Moms here.

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