9 Tips For Raising Strong Kids

Our Punky babies and Punky kids are nothing short of magical. Here are our Punky top tips for raising strong kids:

⚡Celebrate your uniqueness & teach them to be true to their own
⚡Encourage them to share their opinions even if they are different
⚡Love your body & teach them to love their own
⚡Teach them about patriarchy (and how to fight it)
⚡Help them discover their passions & encourage them
⚡Let them make mistakes
⚡Teach them all emotions are normal, not just the good ones, & how to manage the bad ones
⚡Embrace diversity all around you
⚡Teach them how to pick themselves back up when they fail

Tips for raising strong kids according to Punky Moms


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Randi is a single mama of 2 boys in the hot hot state of Florida. She considers, "You're a mom and you can tell that you absolutely adore your kids, but being a mom doesn't define you" as one of the best compliments she's ever received. She enjoys epic bike rides with her growing bike posse (ok, her kids), making lists and surviving the 8 months of summer in her pool.

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