So you want to write for Punky Moms? We love that! We have some writing guidelines to help make your article a success.

PunkyMoms Writing Guidelines

As we’ve started cultivating more content, we’ve found out that people submit all sorts of things. Weird things. Amazing things. Weird, Amazing Things. In order to help you help us get your words out there, we have a few guidelines to help keep you out of the slush pile. No one wants to wind up in the slush pile.

Article Specific Things (aka, Writing Guidelines)

  • Your article needs a title. Better yet, if it deserves a Call to Action, add one!
  • Articles must be a minimum of 300 words.
    • If your submission is a recipe, the words in the recipe itself do not count. We suggest personalizing recipes with a story about how you came up with it, or if it is a passed-down family recipe, or a special occasion you like to “save” the recipe for.
  • If your article is longer than 400 words, break it up into sections by using h2 and h3 headings (small subtitles to highlight a change in subject)
  • Articles should have at least one outside link (link to another site) if possible.
    To be compliant with web standards for accessibility, each link must have a title and alt tags. In most cases, your title and alt tags can be the same thing.
    <a href=“” title=“Punky Moms” alt=“Punky Moms”>

Image Specific Things (aka Image Guidelines)

For a super-detailed list of these items, go here: but the TL;DR is below
  • Please make sure your all of your images are at least 150DPI so it displays well on retina/HD displays. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry. Your photos are probably already compliant with it.
  • Please also make sure your image is at most 1Mb in size, preferably much smaller. Pictures that aren’t crunched take forever to load, even on a quick connection. I’ve even seen pages stall if there are too many to load on one page. I use for this, it is available online and across all platforms with both free & paid versions. It’s quicker than PhotoShop and a little more user-friendly.
  • Include at least one main image measuring 620×264. This size is important so it isn’t cropped in some weird way. Again, Fotor can help you with this.
  • Include between 2 – 6 additional images of any size, if your article calls for them. Tutorials may call for more, opinion pieces may call for less.
  • Each image must be clear and with as much natural light as possible. If you cannot supply a photo, please check out the following sites for stock images:
  • To be compliant with web standards for accessibility, each image must have a title and alt tags. In most cases, your title and alt tags can be the same thing. (some additional reading on this topic)
  • Images should have a relevant caption below them as well. Something like 80%of users scan for image captions (and section headers/asides) before they actually read the article.
  • <img src=“kids-laughing-Punky-Moms.jpg” alt=“My kids are laughing at a Punky Moms get together” alt=“My kids are laughing at a Punky Moms get together”>

Other Specific Things (aka Other Guidelines)

  • We may alter your article slightly to make sure it passes SEO (search engine optimization) guidelines. It’s boring and not fun but is important. Please make sure you have a clear subject and key word.
  • Please spell check and proofread before submitting. I recently fixed up my resume and I had “unavailable” autocorrect to “not valuable” which could have been a catastrophe if I hadn’t caught it first.


After Publication (aka Follow-Up Guidelines)

  • Please check back on your article after it has been published and reply to comments the readers have left. We are a social site – be social!
  • Please share your article! Post the link to twitter, Facebook, pin it to Pinterest, add an image and post about it on instagram. We want your article to go viral, and grassroots starts at home.
Whew, that was a lot, and we haven’t even gotten your submission yet!

Accepted Submission Formats/Submission Requirements (aka Submission Guidelines)

  • .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, pasted into the body of an email (we cannot guarantee your formatting will remain in tact if you choose to do this)
  • Please indicate where images go in your text via their names, but do not embed them. Attach them to your email as individual files.
  • Send your files to
For additional reading, you can view the following:
That last link, in addition to literally *how* to use wordpress, has some gems about halfway down the page.