Punkies do Birmingham! A Punky Prom is happening!

Punky Moms do Birmingham - Punky Prom

The Punkies are doing Birmingham!

Dress up and dance! Or not, this prom is whatever you want it to be. There will be no king or queens or popularity contests happening here, just a bunch of Punkies getting together to have the best time ever. 

We have created this Punky Prom event to coincide with our latest installment of the PMUK’s Mega Night Out, which has now become a Mega Weekender for the sheer amount of activities and people that come in to attend them.

More details will be coming in the few weeks but what you need to know now is that we will be partying it up, Saturday July 13th at The Eagle & Ball in Birmingham UK.

The Eagle & Ball opened to the public as a backstreet public house, sometime in the 1850’s. The now infamous Peaky Blinders were notorious in much of the surrounding areas, so may have kept a very close eye on the goings-on there. Now a Grade II listed building, it has been lovingly restored and incorporated into the new Birmingham City University buildings. There are They have full steep free access at street level and spacious lifts to the upper floor.

Luisa, our Birmingham chapter president is hard at work creating a Birmingham accessibility city guide for us all. It will include directions to and from the venue, hotel, brunch cafe and all train stations and coach station sorted. We will send this out as a downloadable link to all ticket holders when it is completed.

Want more details? Visit the PMUK website here or buy your ticket below

Beautiful poster design by the powerhouse feminist artist Taynee Tinsley

Want to contribute to our goodie bags? Have a press inquiry or any other question about the event?? Send us an email at [email protected] 

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