Adventures in Storyland

Children at Advetures in Storyland in hull

It’s not every day you get to be a spy, or a robot engineer or something else completely incredible. 

However, that’s what happened to a group of Hull Punky Moms and their smalls over the summer holidays. 

I sometimes struggle with the imaginative play part of being a mum.  My imagination gave up the fantastical stuff a long time ago. My play tends to be too ‘real’ for my child and I get told off regularly!  Having someone else take over the burden for a few hours was a real treat.  

We loved the arts and crafts element – Quinn made props that were then used in the show so all of the children felt like they were a part of the story and the look on their faces was priceless.  To obtain my daughters undivided attention for an hour is a very rare thing. Even the smaller ones were rapt. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Adventures in Storyland is the cutest show for our small people.  Perfect for 3 to 6-year-olds.  I could ramble on about how good it was, how I laughed and learned some things about our city’s history and about how it broke up our summer holiday but I think my daughter Quinn (4) says it best:

“It was the best ever Mummy!  I was a spy and I made a spy watch and a plane and spy glasses.  I had to crawl through laser beams and find a diamond!  My spy name is Quinn Red Leopard but you can’t tell anybody because I am a super-secret spy.  Not even Daddy – OK!”

Adventures in Storyland in Hull Crafts

Cerys (3) said it was “very, very funny” and her mum Sue said “Cerys and I love Adventures in Storyland! The crafts the children get to make, and the way these are used as part of the story, so that the children can interact with the show are just wonderful.  We love how they include local history and a nice message for the kids as part of the story too. The actors are brilliant and so patient with the children. There is no other event like it! 

Adventures in Storyland children interactive Hull
Adventures in Storyland children interactive Hull

Seb (3) said “it’s good” which is high praise!  His mum Kirsty said that they loved it, it was their first-ever Adventure and they will definitely be going again.

The next adventure is the 26th of October and it’s only £5 per child.  Parents go free. (  There are 2 showings at 10 am and 11.30 am.  This one made such an impression on me that you’ll be seeing us there again if you go!  I’ll be the mum at the back on my own because Quinn HAS to sit at the front without me….

Adventures in Storyland Hull
Laser Beams Adventures in Storyland Hull

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