The Myth Of Me Time. Don't You Dare Feel Guilty About Wanting A Break. Do it for yourself. Most importantly do it for your children.
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The Myth Of Me Time

Remember me time? Remember when it was just called ‘time’? Remember spending the whole night watching crap on TV and eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s without having to pretend it was spicy so […]

I need 10 minutes. I'm touched out, talked out, everything out. What do you do to fight that feeling of being touched out?
Baby & The Toddler Years

Touched Out, Talked Out, Everything Out

“Ten minutes.” “What’s that?” “I need ten minutes. By myself, quiet, just ten minutes. I’m over my limit right now.” “Sure thing, get the pack n play and I’ll watch her there while I cook […]

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Motherhood.  The greatest challenge I’ve been handed. The greatest gift I’ve been given. My life-changer. My purpose.  Motherhood.  It’s love at first sight. It’s magic. It’s soaring. It’s heartbreak. It’s helplessness. It’s tears of happiness. […]