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Avaz App For Autism Review

First, can I tell you that it was super easy to start using. The app itself is pretty self-explanatory, but even if you have some trouble, there are plenty of video tutorials on the Avaz […]

listening to your kids
Voices Of Parenting

Listening To Your Kids

I spotted this image on Facebook today. It’s something that strikes a chord within me, because I try to sit down and really listen to my kids as many times a day as time allows. […]

easy refrigerator oats for breakfast
Punky Approved Recipes

Overnight Refrigerator Oats

I’m sure you’ve seen these refrigerator oats on other blogs or food sites. They aren’t anything new and amazing in the world. Just to my kids. I have been making these this week so they […]

Schooling & Unschooling

Gifted Children

I have a laundry list of things I want to blog about. I think I have five half-written posts just sitting in my drafts folder. But first, before I even get back to those, I […]

No Picture
Kitchen of Chaos

Big Batch Jambalaya

I got this out of a magazine (you all remember my cookbooks, right?) so I can’t claim it entirely as my own. I did edit it a little last night, so I’m posting that version. […]