chag chanukah sameach, let's make a menorah!
DIY Tutorials

Making a Menorah

Making a Menorah. Making memories. Being anywhere from the age of three to grown up in a Jewish home meant making a menorah when mom needed to occupy you. It’s a thing. Hi. I’m Jenn. I’m […]

Holiday Crafts

DIY Halloween Bunting

This Halloween craft tutorial is on how to make a 15, double sided flag Halloween bunting to spruce up your home this fall!  I chose to use 1 solid and 2 patterned cotton fabrics, but you […]

DIY Tutorials

Baby Shower Flower Pot Tutorial

This is such a great little tutorial to help you do some diy for a baby shower. This is so much better than a diaper cake! Thank you to Diana Jeanne for this Flower Pot […]