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We Were Witches

When I was 28 and kid-less my friend Kaile lent me a copy of Ariel Gore’s, Atlas of a Human Heart. Kaile, by then a mom of a toddler and a newborn, taught me about […]

In our Punky Moms UK group we recently had a roundup of some of our favorite feminist writers. The intersectional feminist writers who say it all for us. Our recommended books on feminism, womanhood, being a mother and mental health. Our favorite books by feminist writers. Rupi Kaur, Angela Davis, Plath and many more.
Books, Poetry & Spoken Word

The Ultimate Fierce Feminist Writers List

Inspired by Linzi Brooks’ call to arms for books on feminism, womanhood, being a mother and mental health here are some of PMUK’s favorite books by fierce feminist writers. She is working on her Masters […]

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Books, Poetry & Spoken Word

Punky Book Club Selections

Here is a list of present and past Punky book club selections and where to find them. Caution most titles are sarcastic, funny and have lots of cursing. Join the Facebook Group to start participating […]