Suffragette Movement Videos To Help You Brush Up On Your History

Votes For Women

With politics being just as crazy today as they ever were, it is important to remember The Suffragettes and everything they stood for. In October 2015 a movie was released into theaters. It was a fantastic period drama called Suffragette. 

Directed by Sarah Gavron it was complete with a star-studded cast. Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Meryl Streep all brought their A game in what was a powerful movie about the struggle women had to face to secure the right to vote. It is something that shamefully too many of us take for granted today.

While the Women’s Social and Political Union have gone down in history, there are countless other women who fought for the greater good and cause who have since been forgotten in the history books.

Brush up on your women's history and remember those who secured ladies' right to vote. Watch a few videos here about the Suffragette movement.

Without the spirit and actions of these brave females, women today wouldn’t enjoy many of the freedoms they now take for granted – from being able to vote, to being able to wear what they want.

Check out the movie trailer below as well as a few other Suffragettes history videos. Brush up on your women’s history and remember those who secured ladies’ right to vote. 



Emily Davison at The Derby 1913

Suffragettes bomb Lloyd George’s home

Meet the Suffragettes: The Original Media-Disruptors

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