We Are Reviewing Movies Referenced In The Gilmore Girls. First Up, 2001!

Here’s the first in a new collection. I got this wild hair up my ass and thought that tackling the nearly 300+ movies referenced in the Gilmore Girls show would not only be fun to watch, but reviewing them would just be exponentially more enjoyable and what could be make it even better? Reviewing in a parent kid duo, just like Lorelai and Rory! Fortunately my kid is a good sport and agreed to write up their thoughts.


Delirium and her daughter are taking on reviewing some of the 300+ movies referenced in the Gilmore Girls TV show. First up, the film 2001.



When is it referenced: Season 1, Episode 15: Christopher Returns 
Quote: When handling the dictionary Rory wants, Christopher declares it “the monolith from 2001.”
Overall Score: 7/10 It’s a crucial piece of Sci-Fi pop culture

Mom says:

Daisy, daiiiisy…..

2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic Sci-Fi movie from 1968. I love watching futuristic movies that we have surpassed in time. It’s a trip to see the completely bizarre instruments people thought would enhance society, 2001 is chock full of them! My favorites were the video phone call and the tablets. The latter because we have them. The former because I vaguely remember another movie where they had big video phone booths and I wonder what people in either film think about our ability to carry such a device around with us. It is hilarious how much like normal airplane service they thought space travel would be like. I’d like to think that by the time we do start commercial space travel not even airplanes will have stewardesses, at least not in the capacity we have them now. The movie is slow going, which negatively impacted any suspense that was trying to build. The bold, mostly primary, color scheme is reminiscent of original Star Trek.

Delirium and her daughter are taking on reviewing some of the 300+ movies referenced in the Gilmore Girls TV show. First up, the film 2001.

Teen says:

The movie was somewhat intriguing despite being  desolate at times. Some of it was confusing. My one criticism would be the choice of hot pink (mom says they’re red but they looked pink) chairs in the beginning. Those are awful! Okay, a second criticism would be that not everything was abiding the laws of physics. The ending definitely raised more questions than it resolved. The music choice was weird but overall it was an okay movie.

Stay tuned for the next in our Gilmore Girls Movie Reviews Series…


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