Apocalypse Now – Sookie Is Serious About Her Fridge Organization

Gilmore Girls Movie Reviews #4

Mom and Daughter Review Apocalypse Now - Gilmore Girls

When it is referenced: Season 5, Episode 2: A Messenger, Nothing More 

Quote: Sookie is talking to Lorelai about the latter rearranging The Dragonfly Inn‘s fridge, “The beets are on the top. The vegetables are on the bottom. It’s ‘Apocalypse Now,’ baby!”

Overall Score: 3/10 methods are definitely unsound.

Mom & Teenage Daughter Are Reviewing All The Movies Referenced In The Gilmore Girls - Apocalypse Now Is Their Next One



 Mom says

The word vomit version – So that’s where Charlie Sheen gets it. Hey, Harrison Ford! Was that Laurence Fishburne? He looks so young (he was 14 at the time of filming). These jerks have seen Endless Summer too many times. And then there was 2 hours involving Playboy bunnies and casual attitudes about murdering civilians while displaying hardcore grief for a comrade’s death.

The follow up is 20 minutes of unstructured torture and I’m not solely referring to Marlon Brando’s ad lib. As an adult lover of film, this would get a higher score, the sheer effort Coppola put into making sure it was released is huge. A staggering number of hours of film, hard to work with actors, filming in less than ideal locations, and the cost, monetarily and personal all make it a labor of love. 

Sookie is serious about her fridge organizing if this is what came to mind. Maybe she should take it down a couple notches. 

Things you really should know before watching Apocalypse Now  with your kid That’s a real water buffalo being really slaughtered for movie purposes. There’s a lot of nudity and a moderate amount of sexualized nudity. Collectively, the cast swears almost as much as I do. I am not winning any parenting awards by watching this with my teenager.

 Mom & Teenage Daughter Are Reviewing All The Movies Referenced In The Gilmore Girls - Apocalypse Now Is Their Next One


Teen says:

Apocalypse Now was interesting but not something I would have chosen by myself to watch. Despite the movie being about the Vietnam War, nothing in the movie gave an indication about why the war was being fought other than for the sake of being at war. The story characters were kind of bizarre, the opening scene antics leave ample room for interpretation that the entire movie was only Willard’s dream after passing out.

Some of the music was cool and the scenery. The white puppy Lance took as his own was the only thing I’ll remember about the film. 

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