You Can’t Stop The Beat! Gilmore Girls Movie Review #3 – Hairspray

Hairspray Movie Review as mentioned in The Gilmore Girls


When it’s referenced: Season 3, Episode 14: Swan Song

Quote: While talking about going to New York with the Nicole, Luke says, “Saw Hairspray last week.” Lorelai responds, “I cannot picture you watching Hairspray.”

Overall Score: 10/10 It’ll keep your mo-hawk up.

Mom says: 

The reference is about the play not the movie but we watched the movie anyway. I imagine Luke muttering “Aww jeez” to himself throughout the whole thing.


Straight from John Waters’ brain, Hairspray is cast with Divine and Debbie Harry, do you really need to know more?  Maximum exaggeration of the sixties with an strong love yourself and others, message. I love how much Tracy exudes acceptance. She loves herself, she wants everyone to be treated the same and tries to use her privilege to speak for those that can’t. She is the strong female protagonist that we ask for and we have all but forgotten.


Dude, it doesn’t matter how many times I watch Hairspray, I always expect Link to be pulling some kind of prank on Tracy. It makes me sad that the trope is used so often I have a hard time believing when it’s not happening. I do love that he never says anything regarding her being pleasantly plump, it’s a non issue to him. How dreamy. I need a tee shirt that says Tracy Turnblad is my intersectional feminist idol.




Mom & Daughter review all the movies mentioned in The Gilmore Girls. Next up is Hairspray!


Teen says: 

This one was interesting. I liked that the main character was consistently vocal against injustice when she saw it. I also like that the show was fully integrated at the end.  I enjoy movies that have  positive representation of groups that go against social norms. One thing I didn’t like was how the Pingletons’ treated their daughter. The psychiatrist made me roll my eyes, I know that it was meant to illustrate the absurdity of the situation, but it’s still irritating to hear such ignorance.


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