The Endless Summer Is Not A Total Wipeout

#2 In Our Gilmore Girls Movie Review Series

Mom and Teen Review The Movies Referenced in The Gilmore Girls. The Endles Summer is the next in that series.

The second in our mom and teen movie reviews is The Endless Summer. 

When is it referenced: Season 4, Episode 17: Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist
Quote: Lorelai is talking to Rory about where the former thought the latter might have run off to and says, “..or taking off with some surfers to find the perfect wave..”

Overall Score: 4/10 it’s not a total wipeout.

Mom and Teen Review The Movies Referenced in The Gilmore Girls. The Endless Summer is the next in that series.

Mom says:

I hadn’t heard of Endless Summer until I was newly married and we probably watched it at least once a month that first year. My spouse was convinced you could learn to surf just by watching the movie. Yeah, ask me how that turned out on our first trip to Kure Beach. I did buy an original movie poster and all of the movies, on VHS of course, for one of our early anniversaries.

Watching it now though makes me question whether or not our collective attention span abilities haven’t tanked. I kept wiggling the mouse to see how much longer the wave was going to last. Endless Summer, more like endless movie, am I right? Look, there’s an ocean, now some native people we’ll oversimplify and use as a comedy tool, and look, another ocean. Be sure to take pity on them when they complain about gas prices, it’s quite adorable what they considered a high price.

Teen says:

Is this what people watched before Bob Ross? The music was kind of cool but the movie made me sleepy. I guess if anything was enjoyable about it was that I kind of want to see the places they went. Thinking about the context of when Endless Summer was made, I can see why it might have been popular. Was it ever popular? Now, with the internet, we have access to a vast bank of imagery to pique our traveling interests.

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