After Dark Movie List – Nina’s Favorite Scary Movies

Nina picks her top after dark, scary movie list to watch when the kids are in bed. Ready to get creeped out?? Just don't open that door okay?

Oh man October is a good month isn’t it? If your September brought you nothing but an Indian summer to sip your PSL in, it’s finally time to take it off the rocks and throw on a sweater. It is also my favorite month to be c r e e p e d out! I know another mama wrote about kid appropriate scary movies but I’m here to talk about my fav ones after the kiddos are asleep.

Look I was a 90s kid through and through, I know a lot of you will be pissed off that I don’t go in depth with the 70s/80s slasher flicks but I mean Freddy, Jason, and Michael Meyers were never really my thing.

Nina picks her top after dark, scary movie list to watch when the kids are in bed. Ready to get creeped out?? Just don't open that door okay?


On that note, RIP Wes Craven and let’s start with the Scream Trilogy (it remains a trilogy to me because what was that fourth one?). What’s your favorite scary movie? The. Creepiest. Question. I’m pretty sure the Drew Barrymore entrance to the series is classic today, and the movies ability to keep a storyline throughout all the camped up gore of a slasher flick times three gives it staying power in the horror genre.

Scream - Scary movies to watch after the kids have gone to bed

Keeping it 90s, teen slasher flick, Urban Legend.  This reimagining of all the classic Urban Legends told by a group of twenty something’s around a camp fire keeps it creepy and campy in the best way.

Can I put Jawbreaker on here? I’m going to, it’s weird and makes your skin crawl and Rose McGowan is at her best.


Cherry Falls, Brittany Murphy (RIP angel) and Jay Mohr of all people star in this must be straight to VHS camped out horror film. I can’t even tell you my favorite part without giving it all away, just watch it, and laugh.

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village or the Sixth Sense, both if you’ve seen them before are basically old hat, but if you haven’t get ready to be creeped out until that omg whatever moment. The Village is a group of people living in an old timey town in the middle of the woods who can’t use the color red because it might attract whatever lurks beyond the forest. The Sixth Sense, well unless you’re under a rock you know the kid sees dead people.

The Ring, you watch a video tape and have seven days to live. A fucked up little girl crawls out of your television soaking wet and eats you.

Village - Scary Movies List

The Ring 2, see above with more back story.

Mama, I watched this when I was pregnant because I’m stupid. Two children found living totally sufficiently in a cabin in the woods on a diet of cherries after their father commits suicide in front of them. They get taken to their relatives home, but something else follows them.. It is called Mama.

Psycho, the original one, without the guy from Wedding Crashers, it’s black and white but good luck showering.

Funny Games, a couple gets held captive by two boys in all white at their summer house. They make them play terrifying and sadistic games against each other and threaten them repeatedly with a golf club.Funny Games Scary Movie List

And last but not least, the bad boy that keeps me up at night, my piece de resistance of the horror genre, The Exorcist. The music enough makes your skin crawl, young girl possessed by devil and the terrifying antics that go on. Not to mention the history of this movie is totally fucked up and cursed. Reading about it might be scarier than the movie itself.

The Exorcist Scary Movie gif


Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear it! What are some of your favs?

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  1. YAAAASSSS!!!! M Knight has a thing with the color red as it is prominent in both movies. The first Ring for sure and MAMA… oooofa, I shudder just thinking about it! Great article, thank you!

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