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Jouzge is a company to watch out for


A Positive Body Image Message for Girls

Growing up it is difficult to avoid the body-image messages put out by magazines, tv shows, fad diets, and food advertisements. Even as an adult who should really know better, at my worst moments I still sometimes find myself being taken in by it.

When I see things in the media that give me those fleeting thoughts – Am I slim enough, pretty enough, sexy enough? I remember how these things made me feel as a teenager and I think to myself “Thank goodness I don’t have a little girl!” I feel like I’ve no idea how I would even begin to navigate this world. But I know many of you do have daughters. You are in the thick of it: raising girls with a good body image and positive self esteem, while battling against everything that is telling them otherwise.

Did you know that 80% of 10 year old girls are on a diet? Dieting before they have even finished growing! By the time they are 18, over 70% of girls are unhappy with their bodies.

Even the so-called healthy and diet foods that are targeted at girls are loaded with junk ingredients and artificial sweetener, along with advertising designed to make girls feel bad about their bodies.


This is why I love the idea behind JOUZGE! Part social-movement, part business: JOUZGE is kicking off with a line of great, no-junk snack bars, combined with a message of confidence and positive self image.

JOUZGE has a Kickstarter that is happening right now, and they need your help to raise enough money to put their dream into action! You can find out more about the movement on the Kickstarter website.

Check out the JOUZGE website, Twitter, and Facebook!

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