Moi? Yes, Miss Piggy Is Receiving An Award For Feminism

Yep, a puppet.

A recent award, only beginning in 2012, the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center First Awards were established to honor outstanding women in their fields. Previous winners have included such bad ass women such as Sandra Day O’Connor, Connie Chung, and Julie Taymor.

Gloria Steinem will even be presenting Miss Piggy the award in person at a ceremony next month. 

So that ends it right? This is the jumping the shark moment?

I love The Muppets, I’m no heathen. I do have a problem with what was supposed to be a prestigious award now just being something diminishing the value of the ideology. She is a strong female lead, no doubt, but she is also selfish and highly materialistic. I’ve lost count how many times she has beaten poor Kermit. 

…and she is made from felt.

I will try and look at the bright side and maybe this can give our younger generation an interest in the subject of feminism. Hm, 

What do you think?


via AV Club

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