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Fuck You Cancer

Update September 16th


It is with a heavy heart that I post this update. Today, my love, my best friend, and my soul mate lost his battle with cancer.

It came as a surprise to all of us as the disease progressed very quickly after only a short time.

Jody will forever be in my heart and I truly hope that our souls will be reunited someday. I don’t believe I can ever find another love like the one we shared.

I will keep this campaign open as a memorial to Jody. We will be forever thankful to all of you who helped is on this journey. Jody was deeply touched by how many people supported the two of us, as am I. God bless. ❤️



Tricia was a member on the Punky Moms forum years ago. Her amazing boyfriend Jody is currently fighting cancer.  It’s a super rare, highly aggressive form called alpha gamma T cell lymphoma.

She says,

“It is really difficult to treat, using powerful chemotherapy, and has a very low survival rate, but Jody is the toughest guy I know and if anyone can beat this, it’s him.  He’s simply too punk rock for this.

As of today, Jody’s been in the hospital for six weeks.  We have no discharge date in sight.  I am there with him, on average, 5 days a week.  The hospital (West Penn Hospital) is a 90 mile round trip from our home.  I’ve spent right around $1,000 in gas, tolls, and parking in the past six weeks, with no end in sight.  We are now a no income family and are relying solely on the donations of former coworkers, friends, and family for help with travel costs, along with household bills.

While we hate to ask for a handout, this is our most desperate of time.  Even once Jody is home from the hospital, we are going to have enormous insurance copays for medications, specialists, outpatient treatments, etcetera.  While we have contacted various resources for help with this, it is a slow process.  We are asking for any help that you can give.  This will allow me to continue to care for Jody in the hospital and at home.  This will help ease the burden of traveling so many miles each day.  This will help in so many ways.  

We can’t thank you enough for all the love and support we’ve received.  We are forever grateful.  “


At the time of this post, her Go Fund Me page has been shared almost 600 times and they are almost half way to their goal.

Tricia and Jody are good people! Every little bit helps.

Just because Tricia has not been apart of the forum for years, the friendships that she made with our members have still held on strong. If you take a look at the donor list you will see many Punky Mom names. A testament to how powerful our community is and how we band together when someone is in need.




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