Girl Scouts Choose Transgender Girls Over $100,000 Donation!

Image via Girl Scouts of Western Washington

“Girl Scouts is for every girl,” said Megan Ferland, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

How amazing do you think it was for the Scouts of Western Washington to receive a donation for 100,000?! Pretty awesome huh? Imagine how many programs they could fund and little girl scouts that would reap the benefits from them.

Then how horrible, to have the condition be from the anonymous donor (shame shame) that the money would not go to support transgender girls. How much hate you must have, to have to specify that a particular group of child was not worthy of your donation!

…but you know what, the Girl Scout group pretty much said FU and returned that donation right back!

The group started an indigogogo campaign to try and recoup the donation loss, and as of today’s printing, they have already tripled that amount. 

Screw your hate! 

We donated, how about you do too??

Donate here



Source: Girl Scouts choose transgender girls over $100,000 donation – The Washington Post

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  1. This is awesome! I have even more respect for girl scouts now. There is no reason any child should be left out of any organization because of something they cannot control! Thanks for sharing.
    Cassie´s last blog post ..SIDS and Safe Sleep

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