A Political Playlist Part 2 – Know Your Rights

A Political Punk Rock Playlist

When I asked the Punky Moms Family Facebook group for their recommendations, you can imagine that there was a vast variety of music suggestions. I promised you these political playlists would be a two-parter.  Our first mixtape, A Change Is Gonna Come (named after the let me weep when I hear it Sam Cooke track of the same name), features more classic folk hits. This next one, Know Your Rights, is filled to the seething brim with loud punk anthems. Ya know, that shit we know best at Punky Moms. 

Know Your Rights, a classic political song from The Clash is a loud call to action to incite positive social change. The Clash have always been a relevant socially conscious punk band and it was fitting to call it that instead of Nazi Punks Fuck Off (don’t worry that’s in there). 

With the new President taking office, in it’s wake there will hopefully be an increase emphasis in social activism. Punky Moms in particular are speaking louder about issues we have been passionate about for a long time such as gender equality and education. Punky Moms Saves The World has been around forever and you will see many of us out at Women’s Marches throughout the globe. Fuck yes ladies!

Turn off the TV and turn up the speakers. The revolution will not be televised. Know your rights and get loud with us. Stream for free here at Punky Moms or go and listen on our Spotify station.

Today of all days, when you feel your heart may be hurting the most, let us provide you a soundtrack to help you get louder these next 4 years. 

I’ve thrown in some hip hop artists as there has been a recent revival it seems of socially conscious music in the scene.  Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” is an appropriate choice in light of the fact that the chorus of the song has been sung during many Black Lives Matter rallies. The optimism is a bit more judicious and the lyrics are a bit more gritty. We also couldn’t forget Public Enemy, who definitely blurred the lines between rock and rap.  

Lots of anti-war tunes in there, songs that denounce violence and stereotypical view of immigrants (M.I.A). Tracks that tackle the discrimination that those within the trans community face (Against Me!).  “Killing In the Name” was probably put down the most. That song, which has been around since my teenage years, is the ultimate ballad of angry protesters against racist cops. The song builds up to the point that it just becomes a bunch of cursing at the end out of pure frustration. Yep, sounds like how we feel. 

So turn off the TV (you ain’t going to watch that shit today) and turn up the speakers. I promise babies love this too. Know your rights and stream for free here at the site or go and listen on our Spotify station

We at Punky Moms endorse this message!

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