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Crafted Sisterhood Punky Mom Spotify Mixtape - Mama Love Letter - Music About Moms
Not long ago, I found Spice Girls’ “Spice” in a charity shop for 50p. I was having one of my many ‘holy-shit-I-have-to-adult-today’ moments and there was no way I was leaving it behind, so I snapped it up. Much to Casper’s delight, we blasted it from the tinny speakers of my fiesta all the way home. I was reliving my youth and dreaming of responsibility-free days, holding hands with boys in the playground and green puffa jackets, when track 6 started up.
So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love,

Mama I love you, Mama I care,

Mama I love you, Mama my friend,  

I am not ashamed to admit that “Mama” left me with a trembly chin and watery eyes. For the first time, I think I truly understood what my own mother had said to me so many times before, “when you have children of your own, you’ll understand.” Something in those cheesy, hastily-written lyrics spoke to me, and for the rest of the car journey I was bigging up my mama-self, albeit with bleary eyes. The sacrifices we make for our children can be earth shattering and life changing. Despite often minimal appreciation, we dutifully carry on along our journey of motherhood.

A love letter for the mamas. A Spotify mixtape free to stream filled with songs that let us know how much Mothers are appreciated.

This playlist is a culmination of a whole bunch of musicians paying homage to their mamas. This is the playlist to stick on when you’re feeling under appreciated and need some mama love. Close your eyes and picture Kanye himself, looming over, whilst you do the dishes. Whether classic rock is your thing or you’re a gangster rap girl at heart, press play and sing to yourself, sing to your mama, or sing to your gal-pal mama.

Enjoy, ladies.

Click the link (or copy and paste it into the search bar in your Spotify player) to play it directly on our Spotify station or use the built in embedded player here on our site. If you enjoyed this Mama Love Letter playlist be sure to visit our Spotify station for more mixtapes or see a list of our playlists here.


Jody is the Kent-based mama behind Crafted Sisterhood. Casper, her son and partner in crime, is nearing the one year mark. Very new to the ‘working mama’ scene, she’s currently getting into the groove of her new juggling act, but also very much enjoying drinking coffee whilst it’s still hot and a break from Mr Tumble and Co.  

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  1. This is such a cute idea. It’s strange how songs we once belted out and had no meaning, now have SO much meaning. You’re so right that things change when you become a mummy! That also used to be my favourite CD ever! No shame ;)

  2. Our two youngest heard Spice Girls’ Wannabe in the Chicken Little film and ran around the house singing ‘I Really Really Really Wanna Zig a Zig ah’.

    Most amusing! :D

  3. What a lovely post. Sadly I don’t have that sort of relationship with my mum but I hope to keep a really close relationship with my children.

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