Friends Forever – We’ve Got Your Back

This Friends Forever playlist is pulled from across the musical genres. The Punky Moms group are collectively kicking this parenting thing in the ass!

Spring brings new beginnings and big changes. They’re not always the best kind, but they’re guaranteed to happen, and that culminated with Summer Solstice (the 21st) the longest day of the year and our “last chance for true growth” before the days begin to shorten again, into winter. Or so I’ve been told.

I’m not personally Wiccan, so I still think we can all grow… and I absolutely know that if I need support, a leg up, or even just to vent, I can rely on my Punky Family.

So I wanted to make my new beginning as a spin doctor reflect my love and adoration for everyone here. Everything from a new recipe, new ways to save some dough, clean that toddler marker off of the couch the day before the guests arrive, suggestions on how to deal with your passive aggressive in-laws or birthday party themes, encouragement to lose some weight, games to amuse, or people to chat with when the baby just won’t lay down, breastfeeding support, a new perspective, a solid gut laugh, or a current hot topic… you always add positive things to the day! No one supports like a Punky, and you have my undying gratitude and loyalty.  

This “family by choice” is the epitome of stronger as a group. We are certainly individually all doing the best we can with parenthood… but as a group we really are collectively kicking this parenting thing in the ass!

This playlist is pulled from across the musical genres to reflect our diversity of location, experience, taste, style and perspective. A bit of metal, a smidgen of reggae, a touch of country, a hint of pop, a smattering of RnB, some classics, a chunk of ska and what we do most often, of course, Punk.

The lyrics are your reassurance, and the tempo is to lift your spirits. There’s a little something, for anyone listening, to tell you we’ve got your back, welcome to the Family and thank you, from the bottom of my rebellious punkass heart.


This Friends Forever playlist is pulled from across the musical genres. The Punky Moms group are collectively kicking this parenting thing in the ass!

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Punky Moms Have Your Back Playlist – Friends Forever

      • Jill Scott – Lighthouse
      • Sam Cooke – Good Times
      • Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Hush Little Voices
      • Superchick – Hey Hey
      • Ne-Yo – Friend Like Me 
      • Operation Ivy – Sound System
      • The Suburbs – Love Is the Law
      • Johnny Gill – Fairweather Friend
      • With Confidence – Voldemort
      • Less Than Jake – The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
      • Delbert McClinton & Tanya Tucker – Tell Me About It
      • Me Vs Hero – Star Raiders & Space Invaders
      • No Doubt – Different People
      • Sister Sledge – We Are Family
      • Superchick – One More
      • Hit The Lights – Fucked up Kids
      • Big Mountain & Dave Way – Lean On Me 
      • Carole King – You’ve Got a Friend
      • The Planet Smashers – Waiting for the Sunset
      • Pennywise – Stand By Me
      • Descendents – We
      • Queen – You’re My Best Friend 
      • Pearl Jam – Sirens
      • The Black Keys – Everlasting Light
      • Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, MØ – Cold Water
      • MDC – My Family Is a Little Weird
      • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – In Friends We Trust
      • Superchick – Courage
      • The Damned – Thanks for the Night
      • Sly & The Family Stone – Thank You 
      • Linkin Park – Invisible
      • Mother Mother – Family

    Slugger may never have thought to be a parent, before it happened… but she’s going to kick the shit out of this with the help of her most excellent Punky Family.

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  1. I loooooove this playlist. I’m currently working on one for New Mommyhood. Definitely throwing this into the rotation – thanks for the share! <3

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