New Music Recommendations To Rock Right Now

Bleached - New Music Recommendations To Rock Right Now

Quick, here are Four Short Recommendations! New Music Recommendations To Rock Right Now!

Read, re-read and remember these band names: Houndstooth, Bleached, Be Calm Honcho, Mitski.

Now click the links below and enjoy! No seriously, do it. Each of these bands offers something unique and interesting.

Houndstooth combines so many influences, it is hard to do them justice. One of their hometown of Portland’s newspapers describe them as “… echoing Americana and roots-tinged rock tunes with traces of psychedelic jam-outs …” I will keep it simpler – sounds like Crazy Horse fronted by Debbie Harry.

Bleached is a Los Angeles-based sister act fronted by Jennifer and Jessie Clavin. Their latest album, Welcome The Worms, is punk-pop at its finest. I know, yuck, punk-pop. But really, they sound like a 60s girl group on speed. In a good way. Trust me. Just try not to love their Ramones-y song “Sour Candy.”

(Editor’s Note: We featured Bleached in our Punky Moms Promo video!)

Another west coast band, Be Calm Honcho, has a crazy name but a fun disposition. They deliver languid reverb-heavy California rock with a twist of bittersweet. They don’t break any new ground, but deliver with great style and some of the more direct lyrics about life that you will ever hear. Check out their video for “I Love California.”


Lastly, a woman and a guitar and great ambition. Her name is Mitski Miyawaki and she just might be the next big thing. Her ambition seems limitless and she has the skills to deliver. All that plus a punk rock attitude and diverse influences from her world-trotting upbringing in Democratic Republic of Congo,Malaysia, China and Turkey. Her latest album, Puberty 2, comes out in June but the lead single, “Your Best American Girl” is available online now and is a tour-de- force.


Mitski Miyawaki - new Music Recommendations. Female fronted bands that will rock your speakers right now!

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