New Bikini Kill Tracks! Band Reissues Unreleased Songs In Demo Tape ‘Revolution Girl Style Now’

The inaugural Bikini Kill release arrives on vinyl and CD for the first time


Well this has made my day! Bikini Kill are reissuing an old demo tape of theirs in September, so its practically like new Bikini Kill tracks are going to be put out there! I want to do a preorder but it will cost $20 bucks in shipping alone so I will have to wait till I can get a copy here in the UK sigh

Full track of the demo is as follows

Revolution Girl Style Now:

01 Candy
02 Daddy’s L’il Girl
03 Feels Blind
04 Suck My Left One
05 Carnival
06 This Is Not a Test
07 Double Dare Ya
08 Liar
09 Ocean Song
10 Just Once
11 Playground

They also released a little video promo for it. Baby riot grrrls aw.

Source: Bikini Kill Reissuing 1991 Demo Tape Revolution Girl Style Now With Unreleased Songs | News | Pitchfork

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