Deplorable Laura Children’s Book

The Lunch Table Losers

Deplorable Laura

M.E. Widmer, a “Punkymom” living in Central Florida, took control of her destiny and self-published this fantastic new children’s series. It has a macabre quirkiness and some unforgettable characters that follow the likes of Tim Burton.

Deplorable Laura is the first book in the Lunch Table Losers series. They are appropriate for kids ages 7-10, but kids as old as 12 or 13 will enjoy reading as well.

“Deplorable Laura is the story of a miserable little girl who is misunderstood. But the root of Laura’s meanness is revealed the day her classmates decide to follow her home from school and find out what makes Laura so deplorable. Written in rhyming verse, all of the characters in the Lunch Table Losers series must learn to embrace their quirks, overcome their weaknesses, and eventually band together to conquer adversity.”

Widmer’s love of poetry, creative language and unconventional characters were inspired in childhood by her favorite authors, Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss and Raold Dahl.

Visit her author page to learn more about her and her series of books.

**We had a giveaway for this in 2013, this article was edited in Sept 2014** 

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