Well, that was… not really… fun at all.

We had some server d-r-a-m-a yesterday, but seeing as I am the e-llama-nator, it’s all gone now! We’ve got a shiny new host, check them out at http://zenex5ive.com/. I’m not saying yah, go use them or anything, but for our needs, they seem a perfect fit. Not only that, but they did a free migration, set up the DNS entries, and just made my evening/morning about as stress free as possible considering we had to move several gig worth of information.

In celebration, for one weekend Only we are offering free username changes. That is from today, 10/3, through Sunday, 10/5. Normally we charge 2.50$ for a name change and make you re-intro. This weekend only we are letting you change your display name.

What exactly can you change? Your display name only. This will not change your log in name. Your log in name will remain whatever it it now. This will let you change your display name, the name we all see tacked on to your posts.

It can be 26 letters/numbers or less.

You cannot choose a display name that is already in use as a log in or display name. It will automatically tell you if it is or not. This means you can’t choose “azxure” or any variation of it (aZxUrE or something silly like that).

Display names may only be AlphaNumeric, no extra characters

If you opt to change your display name, please put your old name in your signature as well as posting a quick re-intro in the intro board so we know who has and who hasn’t changed their name.

You can only change it once. As soon as you change it and click save, you will not be able to change it again.

This offer only applies to active free & paid users. It does not apply to guest, validating, or banned members.

But Jenn, I don’t know where to go to change my display name. Well, good thing you asked! Click on “My Controls” at the top of the page. Then on the left side and down a bit, click on “Change Display Name”

The page that loads will say something like this:

You have made 0 of 1 display name changes since 3rd September 2008 – 04:12 PM.
You are permitted to make 1 changes in a 365 day period. (this will change back to zero after this weekend)

Changing your display name will not affect your log in username.
Enter a new display name
This is the display name you wish to now use.
Characters not permitted: [ ] | , ; $
The name can only contain these characters: a-zA-Z0-9
Max Characters: 26

Enter your current password
This is to ensure security on your account

Give the page a moment or two after you typed in the display name you wish to use so it can go through the database and make sure it is not already in use. It will give you a warning in a red box if it is already in use.

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