Rad Dad Merch Is Here! Father’s Day Is Sorted!

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Rad Dad Black Flag Parody Sticker

Hey all you Rad Dads and Rad Dad lovers! Father’s Day is coming soon, and we think that the special man you call dad, whether it’s your dad or the man who made you eligible to be a Punky Mom, he deserves a little recognition. It doesn’t matter if he wears a suit Monday through Friday and likes to let go on the weekends, or if he lets go seven days a week, he’s still Dad. Maybe this Father’s Day, you can plan a cookout where he doesn’t have to grill (unless he insists), a show he’s been wanting to see, or maybe just let the poor bastard sleep in for once. Do you already have his Father’s Day gift wrapped and ready to go? I didn’t think so. Who plans that far in advance?

We’ve got you covered just in time! 

Rad Dad Father's Day Gift Ideas

In stock and ready to ship, all of our Rad Dad items are perfect to pair with a handmade card from your tiny human to the not-so-tiny human they call dad. 

Who doesn’t love a sticker? Better yet, who doesn’t love a sticker that is so durable, you can stick it damn near anywhere? Stick ‘em to your car, stick ‘em to your laptop, stick ‘em to your growler – these stickers are made from thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your sticker from scratches, rain, and sunlight! That means that if you put them on a clean, smooth surface, you can even put them through the dishwasher! We do not recommend putting your laptop through the dishwasher, but if you happened to party that hard, the sticker will still be fine, even if your laptop isn’t. That also means it will stick to your car through many a car wash!

Does Dad need a new hat? We’ve got your dad covered – literally! Let the world know how awesome your dad is with our Rad Dad hat. 

How about a patch? Patches are cool, man. Patches scream classic punk rock attitude. Put ‘em on a hat. Put ‘em on a vest. Hell, you can put them on the ass of your jeans if you have a hole to cover! Our patches are small-batch made with quality & love. 

Is your Rad Dad more of a Zombie Dad, or perhaps has a love of rasta-infused hardcore? Not to worry, we’ve got some Dad Brains just for them. These stickers won’t be banned in DC!  Get one of each with this sticker pack.

Get just the Black Flag-style Rad Dad (we sure do love us some Parody laws!- Please don’t sue us!) Wave the Flag with punk rock pride…

Rad Dad-style!



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