November 2006 News

November snuck up on us!

First of all, let’s say happy birthday to Creepsuela Switchletto, Beia, azxure, Jenn/Boobs McGee, aztev butteryfly, tabykatt, nanon, beebeefox, hexeengel, Crazy Raccoon Lady, lushluxe, prncsofrn, vocald229, Paulita, misslaurapalmer, kimberlychapman, Sam410, nikkiq and Bookamoeba Deep Breath Wow, that’s a lot of birthdays! [I’m not quite sure why Sam is on there twice, she was listed under to different dates though]

Happy Thanksgiving to our US mamas! This month we’re also celebrating All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and Veteran’s Day. Yep, there are a bundle of misc. “day” days, but I am skipping listing those.

Make sure you buy a raffle ticket for our current raffle, it’s for a Saari Designs blanket! It’s an awesome blanket too, perfect for your little one. It’s a Mary print on one site, and red flat faux fur on the other. Snuggly and warm, perfect for the coming cold. As always, raffle tickets are purchased with Plaudits, and Plaudits are earned just by posting! Everyone starts with 100 Plaudits, so everyone gets at least one free raffle ticket. That keeps us legal! I’m giving away goodies for second and third place this month too!

I also have a giftie from Thee Basket Boo-Tique, so keep an eye on our prize board, cuz it’s coming up soon!

We’ve installed a new shopping cart! Check it out at http://www. [Ok, I like how it looks now, but I still might bypass it on main links, like the one at the top of the page. It’s mostly there to help search pages index, as they wont index a php page.] Even if you had an account with our old cart, you will need to sign up a new one when you purchase from the shop. It’s an entirely different system. Cool new features include a wish list, member-only discounts and items for sale, Customers can search & browse personal order history, “Send to friend” area (hint hint hint) and so much more.

As you know we offered a free name change last month, and changed those who desired new screen names. Now there is a new way to get one! In case you skipped the bit about the new cart, read the paragraph above this one. Done? Good. As soon as you register with the cart, I get an email. It tells me we got a new registration and tells me what membership type you have chosen. Seeing as you are a Punky Moms Forum Member, you’ve probably chosen that one. I go in and confirm this and edit your membership to say why yes, yes you are a Punky Moms Forum Member and then you get access to an exclusive, members only shopping category. It’s magic I tell you!

Right now the only things in the magic, members only category are name and title canges, but soon we’ll be offering special members only products and discounts. It pays to be a Punky Mom!

Back to the name change thing, yah? Here’s the low-down:
When you registered, you picked a name. Maybe you decided it doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe you just don’t like it. Whatever the reason, here is how you can change it!

For the low price of $2.50 (we think this is a nominal fee, and will keep people from changing their names willy-nilly, just because) you can pick a new username. You will be required to re-intro upon a name change, but all your information (post counts, Plaudets, all that jazz) will be retained.

Note: A username change needed for security reasons does not require a fee. Security reasons include your username being your first and last name, your username being well known and you are being stalked, or you are going through personal issues that resulted in being stalked/harassed. These changes can be requested by email to [email protected] or PM to any of the admins on the board.

Please enter your current username as well as at least two options in the “comments” area when you check out.

We’re also offering “Tag, You’re It!” and a “Pick Your Own Custom Title,” but you’ll have to register and log in to see what that’s all about!

We’ve noticed liberal use of the bitchy board lately! How about making just as much use out of the Happy Mamas area? I know, I know, we need to post in there too, but our most used board is Bitchy! I know we aren’t a bunch of perma-PMS’in mamas, are we? I didn’t think so. Sarah (muse) is still running her Plaudit Fairy deal, post good stuff and get magic Plaudits! Didn’t ya know, we have a Plaudit tree, so we can give ’em away anytime! Speaking of Plaudits, you can trade in up to 5000 of them for up to $5.00 credit to the Punky Shop! Just go to this url: Plaudit Exchange and fill out the form and get a coupon code in your inbox!

Let’s throw some recipes for Thanksgiving in here, maybe a craft or two for the kids to do since we aren’t doing a zine right now (I can supply this, I just need to get on the desktop), and pick one or two other things to do? I love our members current events wrap ups, maybe we can write up one of those.

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