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We are making some BIG changes in the Punky brand to be much more inclusive to all of our members. We have always accepted dads into the Punky Moms groups way 15 years ago when we were just on a forum. Our chapters have always stated that we are open to all parents but I find that a lot of us there and in some other groups, still refer to the group as “Mamas” and I honestly know that we can do a lot better regarding that. I have always tried to explain that Punky Moms is the brand name but I need to do more. We have many non-binary members who are just being flat out erased in the language we use in our groups, chapters and social accounts. So let’s do something about it! It won’t be an overnight thing, in fact, there are many moving parts to all of this. I reached out last week to alllllll the chapter presidents, co-presidents etc (honestly like 100 people worldwide) and everyone is excited and onboard. Of course, they are, cause Punkies are amazing. All of our Chapter groups will be changing in the next few weeks, our group names to read Punky Family York or Punky Family Toronto etc.


We will be doing the same for pretty much all the rest of the groups (except Punky Dads). We will be changing our names on social media, on our website header, email templates. Gosh, so many places. Check out one of our new logos!!!

With some of these branding changes, we will be making some changes to update our network.

I will be closing the Punkymomsuk side of Instagram and Facebook page (not the PMUK group). Everything will be run from one Instagram and Facebook page. I mentioned the other week I will be closing the US operations of the Punky Shop and have all shop sales going through one shop with me in the UK. I will also be closing some subgroups. This is not an easy decision, but one that needs to be done. There are lots of reasons for this, so please don’t think things haven’t been discussed in long detail. The list of those that will be archived on Friday, November 15th is as follows

  • Blog Squad
  • Critters
  • Getting Hitched
  • Gamer lounge (will become unofficial)
  • Book club
  • Witchy Moms (will become unofficial)
  • DWA
  • Self Love

Some of these group conversations like DWA and Self Love I feel should absolutely be happening in our main groups. The other groups get maybe a few new posts a day and lots of the posts are even being published in the subgroup and main group. With the rise of the My Radical Self community (, our focus on creating new content is there and not so much on our main website anymore. There will be the opportunity for a volunteer to take on the subgroup as an unofficial space so if that is something you are interested in, please speak to an admin in that subgroup (not me).

The name PUNKY MOMS is not going anywhere. Our website address will still read it, but we will be focusing a lot more on being an inclusive family from this point forward.

Please know that none of this is easy, none of this is being done without months of thought and brainstorming behind it. I am hoping to have the chapter groups, social networks and facebook groups updated by Friday, November 15th. Thank you for your patience.

Let’s do this!



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We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising children…it’s simple, back to the basics parenting…without judgement. Everyone is welcome

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