Looking for the "thanks" button in our forums? It's changed!

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See those red and green buttons? Think of the green one as a “thanks” button and the red one as a “no thanks” button. It’s not quite that simple, but it’s close.

Where the 0 is next to them in the photo will adjust to give you the total any given post has gotten. So if you get two + and one – it will display a total of 1.

The board calls it post rating, you’ve seen it called reputation, popularity, and probably half a dozen other things. It is NOT for “rating” the user, just the post.

Like the post? Was it helpful? Did it give you a new and amazing insight into the world of pygmy slugs? Click the green + sign!

Dislike the post? Was it the opposite of helpful? Did it give and amazing insight into why you should resurrect Michael Jackson and nominate him as supreme dictator of the world? Go ahead, click on the red – sign! (Well, unless you want to resurrect Michael Jackson and nominate him as supreme dictator of the world that is)

Don’t forget to use this! We’ve got a new box on the front index page that shows the top five users based on this number and I just might start sending random prizes based on these numbers! Or I might not. Either way, use the feature! Don’t worry, it’s anonymous, so if you want to vote down someone suggesting a used sweat socks & jocks swap, you can! I can change up how many it displays, but we’ll stuck with five for now since it’s not being widely used.

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