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The Lights Are Still On

We got too comfortable. Myspace came and then Facebook. It was bright, it was new, it was easy. We left the back booth of our local dive bar and some of us never looked back. It was still there. We would pass it every so often and see the bright neon sign in the window, we always knew we could go back to it. We always knew we could walk in and see a few familiar faces among the new ones who had joined along the way. The bartender would still pour your drink how you liked it. Everybody still knew your name.

That place was never going to get that door in the girl’s bathroom fixed. They were never going to clean the gum under the booths. They weren’t changing the music in the jukebox. They would never accept credit cards.

It was strictly going to be run by volunteers and it was going to still try and to sell you all the dirty punk labels’ stuff and people’s zines and patches. It is what punk rock meant. People getting together with ideas and passions that the mainstream society would not support or produce and saying, “Fuck it, I’ll just do it.”

It’s a community, a family. You’re a teenager and you realize your family isn’t just the logical ones – the ones that made you, it’s all these people who you find that are so much like you. It’s saying, “I’m making my own definition of family.”

A few months ago a decision had to be made whether or not we were going to keep the lights on. I’ve been coming here for almost a decade and I wasn’t ready to turn in my keys just yet. Especially since I have a new baby on the way. I enlisted some help of current and past members and we went ahead and fixed that bathroom door.

This board to people is more than just a look. It has been a community and it’s the values of our youth translating into adulthood and responsibilities. Don’t expect that since we put some new paint up that it distracted us from our values. We are strong. We are independent people getting together to make shit happen and create a community.

The forums will always be there. They aren’t going away. If you sign up, you’ll find a community of members who have been friends for years. Don’t let that scare you.  They can help you get that baby to  latch on and keep you sane when it feels that no one else will listen. Punky Moms has become such a huge part of my life. I have met so many amazing members from around the world throughout the years and built such strong relationships, even sealing a few with tattoos.

I ‘m going to keep cutting and pasting and printing out copies of  those local zines.  Our new site will be more feature rich. There will be more informative articles and blogging. We still have a few other surprises to roll out in the next few months, so don’t think we are done just yet.

We are still a world-wide group of coffee (and martini) drinking, singing, toy collecting, nose wiping, comic book reading, picture taking, boo-boo kissing, cartoon watching, tear drying, concert going, high heel stroller pushing, ink loving, crafty, music playing, hair dying, BBQing and beer drinking, fierce loving, breast or bottle feeding, attachment parenting, sling wearing, sleep lacking, opinion making, hard working mamas.

We aren’t all of one voice, but together we make a lot of noise. Come on in and leave your judgments at the door. We just want a community of friends who maybe aren’t “only” mainstream. We want you regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender identity, ah hell, we just want you exactly as you are!

Check us out, sign up, and come back often.





Jenn for keeping my technical head on and helping with the back end stuff.

Chelsea, Diana, Jen and Randi for brainstorming with me and being patient while I flooded their inbox with my new ideas.

Punky Mom members and friends who were kind enough to lend me their fantastic photography for this site:

Rebecca – http://www.bumblesandlight.com/

Kathryn – http://www.katsnaps.photography/

Jackie – http://starryeyesphotography.net/

Also, Ben over at Kudu Design for the new logo!

The next round is on me!



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