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Punky Mom City Guides for Parents

We have so many exciting things lined up for 2016 and one of them is the start of our own Punky Moms City Guides!

Our main goal with these city guides is to offer a resource to traveling parents looking for things to do in foreign (to them) cities, that you won’t necessarily find in the more mainstream guide books or sites. We want our city guide writers to approach these guides as if they are planning a visit from their best friend from college and their 2 kids, who they haven’t seen in 10 years, but they’re still absolutely positive that they won’t want to get stuck in any crowded tourist traps.

Interested? Here are some of the questions we are looking to have answered.

  1. Family friendly cafe or coffee house – you don’t have to worry that taking your kids here will bother everyone that isn’t there with kids and you’re not inundated with plastic primary colored decor and fast food either.
  2. Tattoo artist
  3. Independent movie house
  4. Adult fancy splurge restaurant – leave the kids with a sitter for this
  5. Record store
  6. Veggie/vegan food
  7. Best spot for go karts and a full on, “kid’s dream day”
  8. Educational day (museums, art galleries, science centers, planetariums)
  9. Playground/play structure – that playground that makes you wish you were small enough to climb around on too.
  10. Small live music venue – a place where you’ll likely catch a local band or a touring band on any given night and not have to go through ticketmaster to find it.
  11. Dive bar
  12. Beer garden – any old place can serve drinks, but how about a place that serves them in an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re drinking in a quaint little european beer garden?
  13. Outdoor adventure (hiking trails, springs, mountains, conservation spot)
  14. Thai food
  15. Sushi
  16. Pizza
  17. Thrift store/re-sale shop
  18. Mexican
  19. An actually fun tourist stop
  20. Best park – every city has a park that the locals flock to in droves, especially when the weather is perfect. a place where adults can relax or exercise and kids can run off the day’s excess energy.

Think of it like the site that allows you to hire locals to give you tours of their cities, except written down. Think of what you’d want to see in a new city you were going to. Think about where to go to get the most out of your city.

Think about what you love about your city and why so we can give others the chance to visit like a local.

Send us an email at [email protected] and let’s chat and get your city published. No town is too small. 

Check out our writing guidelines whether you want to jump right in, edit later, or if you need a little more direction than “send us something badass”. 

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