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parenting advice

parenting advice


Did you know that we have a Secret Society? 

Our private forum is one of the best little kept secrets in the internet world and a great place to get parenting advice and tips. Think of it like an alternative parenting class online but the coolest most bad ass one out there. No awkwardness!

Our Secret Society is a handful of special boards that have been reserved for people who had over 500 posts on the forum. This is where our infamous Swaps are held. We also have private boards to discuss more personal topics and a photo area where members share pictures of their families. It has long been a subject of pride for ourselves that we offered a more intimate section for our members. We do have our Family Facebook Group but if you haven’t felt comfortable asking for advice there, then we promise you that this is the ultimate destination. 

Over here at Punky Moms, we had one little gift we were still holding on to for our members for the new year.

For this new year, we are lowering the required post count to 250. There are some members that are just about to hit that mark, some new returning members, and others that have just signed up. Once you sign up in the forums and dive in there, you will realize that friendships start to form and in no time you will become a chatty bitch just like ourselves.

If you are already between the 250 and 499 post count mark, your next post will automatically click you over.

We hope that Punky Moms can continue to be a place where alternative parents can be themselves and not try to fit in some mold someone decided was the right way to parent.

So, what are you waiting for, get in there! Join the forum today!


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We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising children…it’s simple, back to the basics parenting…without judgement. Everyone is welcome

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