Shiny New Version Of Our Punky Mom Forum – New Features!

Lennon is happy!

We are so happy it’s finally come! The software we use has been boasting a brand new shiny version for a year. January came and went. February… March… It’s June! But apparently June was the magic month.

When we went with IPB waaaaaay back in 2006 (no lie!), coming away from so many free options and deciding, ultimately, to go with a commercial product, we didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been an amazing ride. IPB has grown by leaps and bounds, and, well, maybe we haven’t, but we’ve sure gotten more sophisticated with them. Their newest roll-out has some awesome options. 

Q&A Forums. Our help forums now allow members to vote up the better answers. The best answer can be flagged by the starter, or staff, so future users with the same question can easily find the answer. 

Chat. We have a modest five person live chat room. Truth be known, it’s a “sampler” and I’m not sure when it expires, but if we use it, we can renew it for a modest fee.


Reputation. Only Joan don’t give a damn bout her reputation. The rest of us need to work on that shit. Punky Moms makes it easy. And rewards it. Whether it’s with fun badges for reaching a certain rep count, or just being able to participate in swaps, we appreciate you being awesome.

Notification. Never miss another post again. You can choose to receive digests of new content in your followed boards, or get notified individually. You can get an email, or get notified directly on the forum. It’s up to you!

Tags. Again, not new, but not old either. Tag your shit! The more you tag, the easier it is for other members to find related content. Content is King Queen. Similarly tagged content can be highlighted in the sidebar to help other members find relevant posts, like which diapers to buy or which condoms work best. Those things are totally related.

Mentions. Notify other members by typing their name to mention them. They’ll get a notification and you’ll make sure they see what you said about them. Or something.

Mobile friendly. Our site has a new, responsive design. That means it automatically looks amazing on your phone. Or your phablet. Or your tablet. Probably not your watch. Everything works exactly the same no matter the device because everything is exactly the same. 

There is more. So much more. So come on in, dig around a little, see what’s new (and what’s old), and give us a try on your mobile device too. Punky Moms love to travel – take us with you on your adventures and we’ll take you with us on ours. 

I’ll be working on a more custom theme in the coming weeks. This board is glorious CSS and not the weird tempting system they used before. That means something other than boring blue. 

That’s it for now! See you on there!


The Punky Mom Admin Team


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