Punky Mom Holiday Gift Swap 2015

We have been doing swaps on our forums since the dawn of time. Our Halloween gift swap is the most popular no doubt, but a close second is the beloved Holiday gift swap. Which holiday? All the holidays!

Let’s be real here for moment, you bust your ass off making sure everyone else get’s their presents this time of year and sometimes you just don’t get the same in return. So you know what, you do YOU this year. Our swap is a great time to exchange gifts with a true friend, someone who is really going to take the time to try and make this special for you. Plus, who doesn’t love opening up gifts?!

Since we have been some chatty bitches in our new Facebook group, we decided to open the option up this year to those that might not be in the Secret Society on the forum and meet the 250 post count that is required to participate. The reason why we have the post count requirement in the first place is so that way we can be good and say that we know you and can vet you as being a decent and long standing member of the community forum.

Sadly though, even having that requirement doesn’t mean people don’t flake out and in that case we have gift angels. 

Anyways, I am getting off topic!

The real question is…

Do you want to participate in the Punky Mom Holiday Gift Swap this year??

Fuck yeah I do!!!

Ok awesome, this is what you have to do…

  1. You have to pay a $2 Swap Cover Charge (Secret Society forum members are automatically in). PAY HERE!
  2. After you fork over your 2 bucks, you will be directed to the forum where you post an intro so your profile is seen as being legit and not a spam bot.
  3. You gain access to a private board for this Holiday swap. You also gain access to all the basic boards that you normally would as a new member. 
  4. You will be emailed over a questionnaire to fill out that will give us your details and a little bit about what type of gifts you would like to receive. 
  5. We will say a spell and with some black magic, pair you up with a swap partner.

Sounds like something you could do?? That’s great! We can’t wait to get this swap going!

Some other few little points and requirements to mention…

  • Sign Ups will be for one week only! Last day to sign up is Sunday November 8, 2015
  • Partners will be paired up on Monday November 9th, 2015
  • Open worldwide, but you can choose if you want to send international
  • You will have 3 weeks to get your gifts together, individually wrap them and mail them out by Tuesday December 1st.
  • There is a $20 maximum spend (plus shipping costs)
  • If you are mailing within your own country, you must have a tracking number
  • If you are already a forum member (who is not at 250+ posts), pay the cover charge and we will manually add you into the group.
  • If you are a Secret Society forum member, you will already have access to the new board so just say hey in the appropriate thread to participate. 


Any other questions, send us a message at thepunkymoms@gmail.com and put HOLIDAY SWAP in the subject line



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