New Mama Gang Patches! Hellz Yesssss

mama gang patches - support your mama gang patches

We are so stoked to be doing another collaboration with Glaswegian riot grrrl babe Half Stitch Embroidery. She has a rad online shop and we just love working with her because the quality of her work is fantastic. We have been wanting to do Support Your Local Mama Gang patches for a long time. You guys have loved all our other patch and sticker designs and they have proved to be successful with you Punky Moms. Our patch game is getting stronger!  

We are very proud of how these came out and since we couldn’t decide on color choices, we made two different designs!

First up is the circle Support Your Local Mama Gang patch in blue, grey and black.

mama gang patches - support your local mama gang patch

…and then the equally badass rectangle patch version in pink, white, and black.

mama gang patches - support your local mama gang pink patch

We really can’t decide which one is our favorite. Which do you prefer?

Don’t forget to check out the Tiny Feminist, Riot Mthrrr and the epic Punky Moms gold banner patches that are available too!


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