If you use HOTMAIL, or YAHOO as your email for the board

I have been told that some of you are showing thebanned message when you try to log in. Oh no!! Here’s the deal:If you use HOTMAIL.COM, or YAHOO.COM as your email for the board (specifically those domains, it does not include msn.com or other .com’s owned by those companies)

You absolutely must change your email address with us. The only free email we are permitting is GMAIL.COM, and only because they are pretty good at weeding out spammers.

As soon as I add HOTMAIL.COM and YAHOO.COM addresses to our ban list, you will not be allowed onto the board. It will tell you you are banned. We don’t want that!

I will be re-adding those two domains, along with about 900 other known spammer domains to our ban list over the next week. I will add hotmail and yahoo last to allow everyone time to make these adjustments.

Need your email to go to your hotmail or yahoo account? Set up a gmail account and tell it to forward to your hotmail or yahoo account. You can do that via the settings menus in Gmail.

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