The Annual Punky Moms Spooky Halloween Swap Event Is On!

The Halloween Swap is on!

THIS is our Christmas. THIS is our favorite event of the year. The Annual Punky Moms Spooky Halloween Swap Event!

Every year we tweak it and change it a bit because our community of Punky Moms is constantly growing and taking us in new directions. This year, the swaps will occur in the correct Swap group. We have one for our US/Canadian mamas and another for our UK/European Punkies.

The basic requirements to participate are.

  1. YOU MUST be a member of either the Punky Moms Family, PMUK, Punky Dads or Punky Grandmas Facebook groups to join.
  2. YOU MUST be a member of either the US/Canada or UK/Europe Swap groups. If you are not, it is easy to join. Just pay your 1.25 US donation here or UK HERE and then request to join the Swap group listed in the description.

*If you have any questions, send us a message and we will sort you into the right house. 

The Punky Moms Annual Spooky Halloween Swap Is On Right Now!


  • Sign Ups Start Friday September 1st and continue till Sunday September 10th 11:59 PM in whatever time zone you are in. Sign ups happen in the Swap group. 
  • We will be using Elfster to do the signups and to secretly pair people . We are anticipating several hundred Punkies to participate and we need the help for sure. EEK!
  • You Will Receive Your Punky Mom by Monday September 11th 
  • You will have until Monday October 9th to mail out your ghoulish goodies to your partner.  THAT IS A MONTH, NO EXCUSES PLZ.
  • Gift Limit is $20 / £15 – This can be a mix of crafted or homemade items or store bought. Shipping is additional and it must be TRACKED. 
  • This will be a secret swap, so your Punky will not know who is sending it to them. You can reveal who it is in the gift. Please use Elfster to ask them their likes or dislikes. We will have threads in the swap group where people will be commenting too. It is your responsibility to contact your Punky Mom.
  • You MUST input your tracking info into Elfster or send a copy of your receipt with your tracking number to one of the admins in the appropriate Swap Group so we can check off it’s been sent. 
  • If you cannot send your gift in time, PLEASE SPEAK UP ASAP so we can get an angel in to send it. If you would like to volunteer as an angel, please contact a Swap group admin.  
  • Please know that if you do not fulfill your duty and an angel has to step in, you will not be able to participate in future swaps. Please be in communication with the admins if it is a serious issue not in your control (death in the family, loss of job, etc). 

Click the buttons below to go to pay your donation (if you have not already!) 

The Punky Moms Annual Spooky Halloween Swap is on!The Punky Moms Annual Spooky Halloween Swap is on!



Seem easy enough?? We can’t wait to get started! Some of us may have already bought some gifts!  It is a great feeling getting your package and hearing how much you partner enjoyed theirs. We love seeing the way you all spoil each other. If you’re bummed you missed this swap, pay attention for our Winter Holiday swap which will be next! If you want to share some snaps on Instagram be sure to use the official hashtag #punkymomsspookyswap

Punky Moms Spooky swap


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