Savage Seeds – A Modern Brand for the Nature Inspired Mom

Everything Starts With A Seed

Savage Seeds - a nature inspired brand for the mamas!

Charity and her husband had a strong desire to create for their little one and start their own business. Savage Seeds was born.  Wanting nature inspired and sustainable fiber made toys for babies, they embarked on sewing their own.

Savage Seeds - Mom Fashion brand

All of Savage Seed’s products are sketched, designed, cut, sewn, photographed & packaged in their studio. Their apparel designs are drawn and screen printed by them. They only use non-toxic inks and USA, ethically made clothing. Great care and attention to detail go into every order. It shows in their thousands of followers on their Instagram account. The process from start to finish is really enjoyable. Charity loves the creative freedom and time with her family this job allows her. They are very fortunate to be apart of a handmade community and for the opportunity to do what they love for a living. 
When Charity and her husband are not creating their Savage Seeds World you can find them out on adventures with their little Savages.

Savage Seeds - Raising Wolves Tshirt

Come read our interview with this entrepreneur mama in charge Charity Savage!
PM: When was your company founded and where are you based?

SS: Savage Seeds was founded in Dec 2011. We are based in Denver, CO.

PM: How many are involved in your company?

SS: Myself and my husband. Savage Seeds is DIY, all the way.

PM: What inspired you to start your company?

SS: My daughters are my inspiration. I have always been a maker but found I really loved creating for my little ones when I was pregnant with my first. I taught myself to sew and started designing little toys and dolls. Savage Seeds grew from there.    
Savage Seeds - Cool Kids Clothes

PM: Did you have a background in business prior to starting your company?

SS: No, none at all. It would have helped!
PM: Did you run into any problems or resistance while launching your small business?

SS: I grew up in Eugene, OR. which has an amazing community of artists and makers. I got a lot of support in the beginning from friends and family sharing my work online and by word of mouth. Etsy and bloggers started sharing and advertising my work soon after I launched and magazines followed. It all happened organically and somewhat easily. I’ve been really lucky to have had continued support through all the growing pains a small company can have.

PM: How do you get the most out of your day?

SS: I get my hustle on at nap time and after the kids bedtime.  I try to reserve the weekends for adventures but always seem to have a few hours of work to do in the evenings. I have a play area in my office to keep the little ones entertained while I get a few things done during the day. 
PM: How is your family apart of your business choices?  
SS: I feel really fortunate to be able to care for my kids while growing my business. I may have to wait to launch a new design or work late into the evening packaging orders, but right now I get to make my family priority and that means so much to me.
Savage Seeds - Raising Wolves. Wolf Pup Kids Shirt
PM: What music inspires you?
SS: PJ Harvey is always on. Old pop punk and ska help keep spirits high and energy up! A lot of Prince lately, but that’s nothing new.
PM: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?
SS: Spending time outdoors, yoga, local and markets and running around with my little Savages. I really love my job, so I’m happy to have time to draw, design and photograph new ideas.
PM: What do you see in the future for your shop?
SS: I’m excited to grow my Women’s line and add more accessories. Definitely more twinning for Mama/babe, because I can’t get enough! I’m inspired to work more with other mothers and collaborate with other women owned businesses. I have so many things I want to make and work on.. but all in due time, my little babes come first.
Savage Seeds are a killer brand run by Charity Savage. This mom entrepreneur is nailing this parenting thing. Come read about her company and enjoy a discount code at Punky Moms.
You can find Savage Seeds at the following:
Pinterest: @savageseeds

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