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Our December Punky Moms Featured Shop is MONOFACES, a Dublin based custom artwork and apparel company. We discovered them through our Punky Moms Etsy Team. and are pleased to be able to feature them. We especially love their 100% cotton American Apparel line of baby onesies featuring the likes of Morrisey and John Lennon!
MONOFACES would like to offer our readers 10% off their products in their Etsy store. Please use PUNKYMOMS code at the check out. 
PM: When was your company founded?

We started MONOFACES as a hobby in 2009 doing acrylic custom paintings for friends and relatives. Gradually word spread and we started getting orders from people we’d never met before. In this day of digital smartphone photography, we saw that people are sometimes overwhelmed by the constant change and speed of images and information.

With MONOFACES art they can make the moment stop and have it captured on a custom painting.Well in 2013 we decided we wanted to diversify into creating new products. So we started reproducing our prints on to baby and adult clothes, tote bags and home décor. For the clothes, we make the prints on to high quality American Apparel garments using eco-friendly, water-based inks. For the interiors we print on to duvet covers, pillow cases, rugs and shower curtains. The duvet covers and pillow cases are hand sewn and meticulously crafted.

PM: Where are you based out of? 

We are based in Dublin, Ireland. For our USA & Canada clients we outsourced professional company that uses high quality products and eco-friendly inks to print on garments. It is more sustainable to get them printed on demand, saves us stocking up and shipping expenses. 

PM: How many are involved in the company? 
There’s two of us. Edita is behind the creative part and Mel is responsible for sales and marketing. Edita is originally from Lithuania, she’s in Ireland for 10 years now, Mel is Irish. 
1 Artur Sikora


PM: What inspired you to start the company? 

We’re inspired by clear shapes and spaces, and simple to understand forms. MONOFACES stands for simplicity, minimalism and clarity.


The purpose of MONOFACES art is to speak the idea of simplicity, to stop and capture a single moment, and to express admiration for the details of life. Our paintings are done on canvas or other surfaces and they portray a range of characters from legends of the past to people of today – every face has a story. 

We love painting, it is a form of relaxation. And positive feedback from clients gives us a great satisfaction. 

PM: Did you have a background in crafting prior to starting the company?
We both are qualified architects so creativity has been a part of our lives for long time. 


PM: Did you run into any problems or resistance while launching your company? 

Like most of start ups – the day is never long enough for all the things that needs to be done so time management is a big issue. Also, lack of finances to realize all the projects that are in our minds. It takes a lot of time and effort to move forward. But we are loving what we are doing so the only way for us is up. 
PM: What is the most exciting part of running your own business? 
We do what we do because we love it, it gives us satisfaction, we feel we bring happiness to peoples lives, create a little bit of history and share love. 

Another great part of running your own business is that you are your won boss. You work hard, but you know you work for yourself and for other peoples happiness.

PM: What do you see in the future for ?

We have few new lines on “faces” on the way, at the moment we are researching new products for babies, children and adults to do reproduction prints on. We would also like to show our works to broader audiences in other European counties, USA and Canada. We are looking for somebody that could help us with that. 
MONOFACES would like to offer our readers 10% off their products in their Etsy store. Please use PUNKYMOMS code at the check out. 
Morrissey baby grow

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