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The Milk Collective consists of two expat mamas in Liverpool designing and creating quirky unisex products for you and your baby.

PM: When was your company founded?

We started our company in May 2014. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up! 

PM: Where are you based out of?

We are based out of Liverpool England.

PM: How many are involved in the company?

At the moment there are two of us. Myself (Jaz) and my pal and fellow expat Punkymom Paula.

PM: What inspired you to start the company?

A few different things inspired us to start The Milk Collective. I had a baby on the way and was really finding it difficult to find anything I really loved for his nursery. I was really into creating all sorts of stuff for my little dude as well, so the pieces just sort of fell together once Paula and I started putting our heads together.


PM: Did you have a background in crafting prior to starting the company? 

I’ve always been crafty I would say. I’ve been making things, drawing, building since I was young. I went to university for Art. Art and design is ingrained in me. Being creative is what I do, who I am. Math however is another story.

PM: Did you run into any problems or resistance while launching your company? 

Oh for sure. Let’s be honest there’s definitely been times I felt like “fuck this”  but then I think what’s the alternative? Sit back and not try everything I can to be successful? 

When we started The Milk Collective we learned very quickly that we were little fish in a giant ocean. But we just took it one step at a time. And of course there’s trying to achieve the impossible balance of work and trying to look after two babies, a house, husband, the list goes on. 

The Milk Collective

PM: What is the most exciting part of running your own business? 

That’s a hard one. There are so many things. I love having the freedom to express myself. 

It’s great that Paula and I are on the same wave length. We are so similar in a lot of ways and also quite opposite. So that’s a lot of fun. It’s great working with her because the creativity never stops when we are together. One of my favorite things though is creating something with my own two hands and sending it off to someone I know will love and cherish what I’ve created. At least that’s what I hope for anyway.

PM: What do you see in the future for your shop?

One day I hope Paula and I can open up our own shop on the high street. I’d love to help our team grow from just the two of us to a whole network of crafty people. We are The Milk Collective and we want to Make Some Noise! 


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